New home

To my dismay and frustration, I can no longer access the ‘Tao of Scrumble’ blog I started on blogspot. com. It is asking me to sign in and, when I do, it’s not accepting my password. The resetting instructions have been sent to an email address I haven’t had access to for several years, and trying to change that has proved impossible.

It’s all too difficult for me to waste any more time or energy on, so I’ve decided to move. From now on Tao of Scrumble is a WordPress blog – which may actually prove easier to manage. I hope so.

Technology is brilliant when it works. I feel as though I am part of a global community, participating in events and contacting friends from the comfort of  my studio.

But when it goes wrong, there seems to be no reasoning with it and, quite frankly, I cannot spend my life hours trying to understand it’s (lack of) motivation.

I’d rather be scrumbling!

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