Let’s get ready to….

So far my approach to Scrumbling has been true to the spirit of the art form – unstructured, haphazard and spontaneous.

I’ve spent many happy moments drooling over the book that started it all, ‘Freeform Crochet and Beyond’ by Renate Kirkpatrick; developed a serious habit for acquiring unusual yarn in every hue, weight and texture and have constructed a carrier bag-full of practice pieces, with no particular project in mind.

I’ve crocheted a scarf, a shoulder bag, a cushion cover and a slouchy beanie hat, originally intended for use as bases. To my frustration, these look great ‘unscrumbled’ – or maybe with just a single rosette attached. That’s not the effect I’m aiming for – but I’m not entirely sure what effect I am aiming for, so it’s a start.

The Artist Formally Known As King favours the ‘less is more’ approach. ‘Stylish and bang on trend,’ he proclaims, Gok Wan-like, as he inspects each unembellished article. But he’s a minimalist in everything but his own artwork, which – while somehow managing to appear brilliantly effortless – is, in fact, obsessively detailed and painstakingly accurate. He simply cannot grasp the concept of creating anything without extensive forethought, planning and research. ‘Scrumbling’ I hear him mutter darkly, ‘is the work of the devil!’ Disorganized, untidy, deliberately unobservant of rules governing perspective, scale and precision – no wonder his extreme male brain is determined to steer me back towards the straight and narrow. Bless!

But even I have to admit that the rapidly unraveling balls of yarn and growing piles of spirals, corkscrews, stars and gum nuts (don’t ask) are reaching critical mass. Ready or not, the time has come for me to start joining them together.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

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