Welcome to the world!

This past week has been magic!

On Sunday, my first granddaughter was born. Four days early and weighing in at a respectable 8lbs 7oz., she is absolutely gorgeous – alert and knowing in the way that new arrivals on this earth-plane often are. The early part of the week was taken up with visiting her and gazing at her in wonder, for hours on end. She’s amazing –  even her name is perfect. Welcome to the world, Baby Grace!

Most Wednesdays I look after my twenty-month-old twin grandsons, Ruan and Mylo. Compared to their tiny cousin they seemed much more grown up this week. Leaving the mysteries of babyhood behind, they’re rapidly learning to communicate, socialize, flex their individuality and express their undeniable senses of humour. It’s fascinating being with them, observing them, teaching an learning with them.

I’m lucky enough to be able to fully engage with these three perfect beings that are here because of me. I have both the time and the energy – commodities that were often in short supply when I was up to my ears in doubt and fear, raising their respective parents. Now I’m more confident than I was back then and, ironically,  my role is simply to sit back and enjoy!

However, much as I love being a grandmother, I do still have a life of my own. For now, I clean the local school to pay the Council Tax but I have a very different vision for the future. In the midst of this week’s celebrations, part of my mind has been occupied working out practical ways to turn my ambitions, hopes and dreams into reality. The Artist, it seems, has been thinking along similar lines and we know, from past experience, that we usually get what we wish for.

Bring it on!

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