A moment of inspiration

Over on her blog (http://rensfibreart.wordpress.com) Renate Kirkpatrick has been discussing where her many design ideas come from. She explains the influence of the natural Australian habitat that surrounds her – featuring photos of her favourite plants and animals alongside the creations they have inspired. With talent and imagination, she translates the shape of something as potentially sinister as a Portugese-Man-of-War into a beautiful, trailing pattern on a handbag.

Renate’s posts have been prompting me to think about what influences my choices of colour texture, shape and form.

I live in Britain and – although traditionally the start of another growing cycle has just begun – there’s still some way to go before we can truly declare that ‘spring is in the air!’ The rich and plummy shades of Autumn are but a memory and we could be forgiven for dismissing our environment at the moment as bleak and drab, uninteresting.

Yet, early on Sunday morning, glancing out of my studio window, I was privileged to enjoy a breathtakingly subtle English scene. The air was still and silent and – judging from the layer of frost on my neighbour’s garage roof – the temperature sub-zero. The skyline to my left was tinted apricot, promising a bright and sunny winter day. To my right, dense conifers obscured my view but, in front of me – suspended in the vast expanse of icy blue above the rooftops – hung a thumbnail crescent moon, attended by a single star.


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