Mechanical (Black) Art

I’m truly happy.

For months now the internet connection on my MacBook has been dropping out at inconvenient moments. This is frustrating enough when I’m idly catching up with the goss on Facebook and Twitter, or deleting a slew of automatically generated emails. But if I’m ensuring that there’s enough money in my bank account to fund the latest ‘must have’ nail polish or, more importantly, about to publish a particularly inspired blog post – I tend to lose the plot. Although bitter experience informs me that repeatedly jabbing random keys and yelling at the computer is never a particularly effective solution, I find myself doing just that; right clicking like a woman possessed and threatening to chuck the recalcitrant box of tricks down the nearest stairwell.

I was about to dispatch the offending article to the Island’s Correctional Facility for Wayward Technology, when my gaze fell upon an abandoned retro Apple Mac sulking on the corner of my work table. It appeared particularly forlorn because The Artist, who used to love and cherish it, has formed a new creative partnership with a bigger beefier model bearing the name of some wild animal – tiger, snow leopard, aardvark or somesuch.

Reluctant to empty aforementioned bank account to pay for rehab of the – also aforementioned – MacBook, I awoke at 4 am, thinking, ‘I wonder if I can connect the old iMac and use that one?’ After all, The Artist had  surfed and downloaded on it with impunity before the arrival of the newbie.

Several days and a number of fruitless attempts at installing a (now) defunct thingymybob later, I had almost resigned myself to heavy expenditure if I wished to further my blogging career – or ever buy another bottle of nail varnish. In a last ditch attempt at DIY, we hastened to PC World to seek advice from our favourite technical expert. Unbelievably, he’d taken annual leave, without informing us! But, luckily, one of his colleagues unknowingly provided us with an easy solution, whilst attempting to flog us one of several expensive packages, which may or may not have been compatible with the early operating system on the machine in question.

A mere £9.99  later – and after we’d linked the phone line to the router with a simple length of black cable (albeit with special gold endy-bits) – my ‘new’ dome-shaped iMac burst into life, instantly connecting with the search engine and flooding my being with unbridled joy. (I’m a simple soul – it doesn’t take much.)

I’m on-line again, at last. Whoop! Whoop! Now all I have to do is figure out how to link this page to my ‘Wightrabbit’ blog (, so that regular readers can subscribe to both……

P.S. Not really expecting success, I tested the generator of my angst this morning and – even though it’s ‘wire-less’ – it, too, worked perfectly. And is continuing to do so, some four hours – and this post – later. Now that’s 21st Century magic!

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