No, that isn’t what I said, when I injured my wrist last week – oh, on second thoughts, it might have been! I’m talking about the hyperbolic balls or spheres I became obsessed with crocheting, a few weeks ago.


Little did I know, when I crocheted them, that I’d be using one to do the squeezing exercises in the leaflet given to me by the doctor in A+E. To everything there is a purpose!

10 thoughts on “Balls!

    1. They are very tactile, Susan, and versatile, too! You can squeeze them, pull them, twist them one way and another. I love experimenting with colours and textures and thinking how to incorporate them into a scrumble.

  1. They are great, we were just talking today with Olivier, I’m coming to an end with Jasmine’s hat, and he was asking if I’ll do a pompom for the top, but this could be also great, huh?? Will you please teach me on Monday??

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