Alone, But Never Lonely

This year The Artist and I spent Christmas Day at home together. Just him and me and the cat who isn’t our cat, but seems to live here anyway. We might have been alone – but we were definitely not  lonely.

As we were eating breakfast, we caught up with friends and relatives through a variety of social media – texts and emails; Facebook, Twitter and even the good old fashioned telephone.

Through the modern crystal ball, otherwise known as my iPad, I was able to watch my grandsons playing with their new train set and fire station. They take Skype so much for granted, that they paid my on-screen presence as much attention as if I’d been there with them – hardly any at all, in other words. Although, to be fair, they occasionally came up to the screen of my daughter’s latop to show me a Mickey Mouse toy, wave a new watch in my direction, or to inform me that they’d left some biscuits and Baileys to help Santa on his way  – and he hadn’t even put the wrappers in the bin! (So it couldn’t have been Daddy – or Mummy.) Lucky Santa – in my day he had to make do with a hurried bite from mince-pie and half a glass of milk!

Later my son took me on a tour of the decimated dinner table at his house and showed me his presents. We laughed as our granddaughter demonstrated her newly-acquired walking skills, before launching herself onto the biggest teddy in the universe – which doesn’t frighten her at all. At just over twelve months old, she’s blissfully unaware – although, when she heard me saying, ‘Bye-bye’, she clambered up onto her mother’s lap and tried to touch my face. A memory to treasure and to tell her when she’s older.

And, of course, we have each other – and I’m eternally grateful for that.

3 thoughts on “Alone, But Never Lonely

    1. That’s true – but it would be nice if it worked more efficiently all the time! In England we have very slow internet, which can make posting blogs and replying to comments more long-winded and tricky.

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