May Your Blessings Be Abundant

I’ve been thinking about what wise and compelling words to write, to mark the end of what could be described as an ‘interesting’ year. But Suzicate beat me to it, saying all that I would wish – and so much more. With heartfelt thanks and respect for her amazing insight, I’m reposting her blog for all my friends and followers to enjoy!

The Water Witch's Daughter

I wish for you a life of simple abundance; an abundance of necessary tools to learn to bend with the wind, stand strong against the tide, and forge trails across life’s arduous mountains.

I wish for you the gift of time, moments of explicit joy with those you love. I want you to open your hands wide and let time escape and settle in your heart. I wish for you time to touch the morning; to feel the cool wetness of dew as it clings to the grass beneath your feet. I wish for you the time to see birds in flight; to notice the perfection of each single feather that gives lift and how they join a myriad of others to create formation that soars the vast blue skies. I wish for you the stillness of time to hear that voice; the one that calls deep within and guides…

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3 thoughts on “May Your Blessings Be Abundant

  1. What truly lovely words,and what a magical photograph above them. Peace and much love be with you all through 2012 and beyond.

    1. The photo is magical, Martin! Have you looked at any of the other words and images Suzicate has posted on her blog? Have you considered starting a blog of your own photos? I’m sure you’d receive a lot of appreciation.

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