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This morning, when I was looking for something simple to post, I found the following quote being tweeted, re-tweeted (and re-re-tweeted, by me, @wightrabbit) on Twitter.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace

When I ‘googled’ it, I found that it is most commonly attributed to The Artist’s favourite musician – Jimi Hendrix. In fact it may even have been scrawled by a grieving fan, on the memorial to the rock musician, outside Dimbola Lodge on the West Wight. We’ll get an image together and post it.

According to ‘Yahoo Answers’, English Prime Minister, William Gladstone, (1809-1898) said almost the same thing, way back in the 19th Century:

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.’

I also discovered that on the website of Sri Chinmoy (an Indian Spiritual Teacher who has devoted his life to the pursuit of harmony and oneness between different people and different cultures) the featured aphorism is:

‘My ultimate goal is for the power of love
To replace the love of power
Within each individual.
My ultimate goal is for the whole world
To walk together in peace and oneness.’

Recently, the quote was used in a Meditation Flash Mob – part of the ‘Occupy London’ Demonstrations. Beginning on October 15th. 2011, (in solidarity with ‘Occupy Wall Street’,) this movement continues to protest, peacefully, against economic inequality, social injustice, corporate greed and the influence that companies and lobbyists have on governments.

The fact that there are several documented sources for these simple, wise words, does not diminish their meaning, or relevance.

So, as my contribution to ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ this Thursday, I am passing them on:

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace

For more information on ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ please visit Soul Dipper

20 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere 3

    1. Thank you, Shakti, I find your words powerful and convincing, too. As communication mechanisms expand, more of us are finding others like ourselves, encouraging self-care and supporting each other to heal the imbalances in the world. I find this very exciting!

  1. Just been messed about by techno while making a comment so – calm down, Anne.

    Unfortunately I can’t agree with this one, Jacqueline. You know me well enough for me to say this and I hope you won’t take offence. Basically, most people are more like me than you and, for that reason, there will only be peace on this planet when it’s threatened from outside by something bigger and nastier. Then the world will unite.

  2. You’re right Anne, I’ve spent many years feeling the odd one out, because I have different views from the majority. But, through the World Wide Web, I’m discovering others who share my optimism – which is why I’m taking part in ‘Occupy Blogosphere Thursday.’ Set up by Soul Dipper (http://souldipper.wordpress.com) about a month ago, the idea is that we post something uplifting, positive and/or amusing to lighten up and balance out negativity – of which there’s a plentiful supply. None of us know what will transpire in the future :), so I’m happy to join in and give it a whirl!

    1. Thanks for visiting, White Eagle. I got caught up, for a moment, thinking about how to change the world, so your comment is very grounding and much appreciated! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sarah, it’s profound yet simple and fits in well with ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ Thursday, which is a challenge I’m always on the lookout to fulfil. Think your blog is cracking, by the way!

  3. What an excellent contribution! I had always thought it was a Hendrix quote, so it was nice to learn that people who lived long before him had the same idea. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and I absolutely love that the “Occupy” movement has become so wide-spread now!

  4. I enjoyed reading the background on this saying.
    The power of love is greater than anything. I am
    a firm believer in it. The lack of it is what creates
    the downfall of us as human beings.
    This is of utmost clairty is the way families have
    deteriorated due to mothers being exhausted to nurture
    their children. It’s a process of steps that will get us there.
    The fortunate thing is that we are becoming more aware
    and tyring to do something about it even if it is in small
    little doses.
    Keep the love going ..

    1. Thanks Isadora, there’s so much truth in what you say. Occupy Thursday is certainly stretching our minds and bringing up lots of inspiration. It’s great to be part of it!

  5. When the love of power and money,becomes the love of people in all there diversity colours and beliefs,then perhaps we may begin to see a new World emerge. One Love. Martin.

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