By Any Other Name

What is going on? WordPress seems to have a mind of it’s own at the moment.

Yesterday I received emails notifying me of the same blog post thirty times from granny1947 – one every minute for half an hour! Now, reading through the comments and replies I have been making on my own ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ post over on Wightrabbit’s Blog I note that sometimes I am ‘wightrabbit’, accompanied by my Chinese Dragon gravatar, then, randomly, without rhyme or reason, I become a faceless ‘Jacqueline King’. Confused? I am!

But, strangely, I have been thinking that I ought to discard the disguise, reveal the real me and own my opinions, in my given name. I’m not entirely sure, though, because the title I originally chose for my first blog is also now my twitter name and I’m more than comfortable with the anonymity it provides me on that platform.

The fact that I’m running two blogs is also a bit of a jumble. I thought I was setting up ‘Tao of Scrumble’ as a seperate page on Wightrabbit’s Blog, where I could waffle on about anything non-writing related. I imagined that subscribers to the original would be able to flick back and forth quite easily. So I was dismayed when ‘Tao’ turned out to be entirely separate and – at first – I didn’t even know how to add a link to each blog from the other.

Once it had all been set up, I discovered, by accident, that ‘Tao of Scrumble’ came up top in internet searches – I had no idea what that meant but recently I ‘googled’ it and the first twelve pages of results that came up were all mine! And – at this moment, anyway – I’m not writing any short stories, poems or novels, so Wightrabbit’s blog is no longer serving it’s original purpose of keeping me on track with my writing ambitions. In fact it has fulfilled them – I’m interacting fully with my readers and that gives me immense satisfaction and self-worth. Far more than I ever got from having submissions rejected, with no justification other than they weren’t what some anonymous and omnipotent editor is looking for. (Do they even know what they’re looking for?)

At the moment I don’t know how to disentangle this knotty conundrum, so Wightrabbit and Tao of Scrumble will carry on side-by-side and I trust that it won’t become too cumbersome for you – my loyal supporters. And if comments, from a stranger, appear on your blogs please don’t get too excited – as I did on receiving 31 notifications from granny1947 (the last one being the frantic disclaimer ‘It’s not me!’). You haven’t attracted yet another follower, I’m afraid.

It’s just me, without my Wightrabbit costume on.

I AM Jacqueline King! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “By Any Other Name

  1. Thanks, Pete. At least the WordPress idiosyncrasies give me something to write about!

    I have found my mojo – at, of all places, the hairdressers. It must have been cowering away under my overgrown mane because, when I looked in the mirror after my ‘do’, I suddenly felt full of beans. (it’s a girl thing!)

  2. Good for you! I don’t know whether to think you’re brave or not, though, for putting your real name out there. It’s happened to me on occasion, and I discovered it was because I was commenting on other’s blogs without having first ‘logged-in’ to WP. So, maybe just make sure that you’ve done that if you want to avoid your real name popping up.

    1. Thanks for the common sense advice. I think I’ve sorted it out now, I was inadvertently ‘following’ myself! I trust that, as I’m commenting on the sites of like-minded souls, the accidental use of my proper name will not cause me problems. As you can see I’m ‘wightrabbit’ again now!

  3. Yes, it’s strange that something based upon pure logic can be so whimsical? The only comfort is once I thought I was the idiot (I am in several other ways) but now, when it comes to techno nonsense, it isn’t me at all. My sons used to say ‘Don’t worry, Mum. Sometimes computers just do that.’ And that still holds true, I believe. The internet has moods caused perhaps by electronic hormones. You are doing a grand job Jacqueline using the sulky beast to your advantage. Keep it up.

    1. That made me laugh, Anne, the concept of the Internet suffering electronic hormone imbalance is hilarious, but it would explain it’s unpredictable (teenage?) behaviour. Thanks for your confidence in my ability to tame it – or work with it’s mood-swings anyway!

    1. Thanks, Joss, when I started blogging, I chose my nom-de-plume carefully, so it is significant. But I’m happy to reveal my true persona to those fellow bloggers I’ve come to trust!

  4. As much as I would advocate for anyone to be themselves, first and foremost, I think you have to be comfortable with exposing that self in the vast sea of the internet. I like having an alter ego, but gladly share my real self with those I come to trust on the web. πŸ™‚ Either way, I agree with Crowing Crone Joss – you are welcome in either incarnation!

  5. Thank you, dragonket – the reveal was accidental but it seemed to be part of the ‘stripping away’ process I’ve been going through lately, in preparation for the ‘new’, older me!

  6. I love your positive approach to blogging, to don’t give up.
    The rejection letters that don’t kill us will make our pens stronger! I hope??
    Keep writing however you choose to get it out there.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Christie! πŸ™‚ Rejections and honest critiques have certainly shaped my style and helped me find my ‘voice’, so I’m grateful, (when I’ve had time to get over the blow to my ego!). I’m currently planning how to combine my writing and artistic interests in one blog – I’m excited that this platform is available, as it suits me perfectly.

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