12 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #1

  1. Beautiful work! I love that picture of the weathered wall and door. And I found his signature (had to enlarge the picture, but I did it!) Looking forward to seeing more of both your works.

  2. I truly like “Address Unknown”. 🙂 It has lovely texture and I like the pale pastel colors – they make it seem softer than the texture of the wall probably was. I admire those who can master watercolors. I have tried my hand at them a time or two, even tried using salt (which turned out…well, not very well lol). I found the signatures (yay). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, so much, Dragonket, this is definitely one of my favourite paintings, I notice different things each time I look at it. Watercolours are tricky to control, i know, I’ve tried without success. Another time I’ll post some pics using salt technique. The Artist thanks you too! 🙂

  3. I know, Rosie – it’s lucky that this was in a rubbish pile, so I could snatch it back. He used a pile of other paintings to light the chimenea while my back was turned, so those have gone for ever. The Artist and I both thank you for your lovely comments, they really mean so much 🙂

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