13 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #4

    1. Hello ‘dragonkatet ‘, thanks for your comments on my artwork. Its great that you appreciate my work. I only became aware of the “Steampunk” genre recently and I would agree with you that it is a very creative style. At this moment I am working on another steampunk project. What will it be….? You’ll just have to wait and see! And, do steampunk camels spit oil? They certainly do! Best regards, Martin. PS thanks for the link, will check it out now.

  1. Found the logo right away! His work is amazing — are these published images? The amount of detail is boggling. He must have a lot of fun designing images like these. Has he ever tried building one of his mechanimals? Sorry for all the questions! Just find this fascinating.

    1. Hi, Kathy! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I’ve passed them on and Martin says he will get back to you with answers to your questions. He doesn’t mind you asking – it’s great to know that you enjoyed his artwork. 🙂

  2. This is an oustanding image that has evolved into a wonderful
    fantasy. So very creative …. !!!
    YES – I have found the logo. Shall I say ???
    Perhaps, I should use code –
    in Spanish – esta en el ojo –
    YUP – the left eye lash.
    HAhaha – what fun …!!!!

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