10 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #6 – second attempt!

  1. what these are true treasures to keep forever. I love all the subtle bits and touches of humour. Saw logo, and on stone in barn image which is superb. Is logo a sideways W?

    1. Thanks, Joss – it’s true. I looked after the boys this week (they are now three) and they started talking about the map – quite spontaneously – showing me all the special features. I was amazed that they love it so much but Rachael says they look at it all the time.

  2. What an awesome endeavor of love! Did you have stories for the kiddos that include all the wonderful places on the map? I like the commissioned one, too. The logo is on the rock in the bottom piece. Great job with the weather-beaten wooden boards and rusted tin roof! The only thing that I had trouble identifying was the middle with the white dusty trails – is that tar paper? We have scads of dilapidated barns and sheds like this here in TN. They always seem like a real challenge to draw and get the perspective right on them because of their askew angles. BUT, turn on the “right brain” and just draw what you see, and voila! You get engaging illustrations like the one above. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Corina! The boys are now 3 and I’ve just discovered how much they love it because Grandad painted it and because of all the personal references. I did think I’d have to come up with some stories to go with it – maybe now is the time. You’re right about the logo being on the rock in the barn picture – not sure about the tar paper – I’ll ask Martin. He seems to have no trouble with perspective – says he learned it when he was about nine years old – he can’t understand why other people (me for instance!) do! πŸ™‚

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