14 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #7

  1. Oh! Instant grinning!

    I love them. And their titles! I really like Pig Iron…you’re to find Duke and Duchess of Pork immediately!

    Super stuff.

    • Thank you so much for your appreciation, kolembo! We gave the others away as gifts, so I’m afraid I cannot show them. If I make any more, I will remember to post pictures before sending them to new owners!

  2. When I read that first paragraph I felt like I was reading the opening paragraph to a wondrous tale of change and recovery somehow! I haven’t done papier maché in decades. this reminded me of how much fun it can be.

  3. Wonderful and great fun too! I love your bowl. I saw some funky papier mache at a craft fair last year and wanted to have a go but haven’t got there yet.
    I don’t think I would have been too pleased if I’d found my pigs all painted even if they are awesome!

    • It’s a fascinating, ancient art, Gilly, with so many possibilities – you can even make furniture from it. I was a little surprised to find them finished in my absence – but hey! It was a done deal by then, what could I do? LOL 🙂

  4. Right, it did go. Love the pigs. So does Damien. I also love papier mache. I remember making a volcano out of it at Primary School with my first boyfriend. There’s something magical about creating a useful and decorative object with scrap paper. Get the objects out. Start again. I believe, if you embedded seasidey things in your bowls, etc. they would sell very well. And so would Martin deco pigs. What a pity we haven’t got a council with the vision to hold a regular craft market. (Nobody talk about the Farmers’ Market please – it’s a cartel!

    • Thanks Anne. I have some marvellous books with excellent designs – maybe this is the summer I’ll get back into it. It is a pity that art isn’t appreciated as much as I imagined it would be here – I know you did your bit to foster it, setting up Quay Arts but it all appears to be a bit of a clique and very ‘samey’ now. 😦

  5. These are awesome!!! I love them! 😀 Paper mache can be lots of fun. I have used it over the years to make some pretty neat stuff – I like your blue bowl, too. I bet it’s fun to figure out how to mix and match the flotsam you get from the shore. SO creative! Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you get to make some more soon. 🙂

    • They are good fun, Corina, thank you. I like to push the boundaries and find out what is and isn’t physically possible with the medium, whilst sticking to natural materials as far as I can. There have been a few disasters (which I pulped and re-used) but I’ve also lucked into happy accidents – I’m as surprised as anyone else when they come out OK! 😉

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