14 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #9

  1. Good morning! An amazing picture– it does look like an actual piece of clothing. I tried finding the logos, but these getting-old eyes couldn’t make them out clearly and I wasn’t able to enlarge the picture to help myself out. My husband rides a motorcycle and he loves his jackets, but he has never added anything to them. I think this history of embellishing the jacket is wonderful.

    1. Hi, Kathy, thank you for your lovely comments!:) It is an amazing picture but – like a real leather jacket – I have to stop Martin from adding more embellishments. This is the third or fourth version! I’m going to publish a larger image of the final picture tomorrow, so hopefully, you will be able to see the logos more clearly then!

    1. Thankyou Anne and Damien. He’d look cool in a tiny leather complete with studs – though badge pins + curious little fingers are not a good idea! 🙂

  2. A real jacket like this would be wonderful and I bet loads would sell among the biking community as well as the fashion followers. A superb work!

    1. D’you know what, Gilly, we’d never thought of that – thanks for the idea! It would be very costly, though and many of the badges would be hard to find these days. Maybe I’ll try something similar, but less complicated, on my denim jacket!

  3. I couldn’t find the logo, even after using Cntrl + the scroll wheel on my mouse to make the image larger. 🙂 Many bikers embellish their jackets here in the States, too, although not with so many of the metal studs that I have seen. Mostly it’s patches of places they have ridden or events to honor a biker brother or sister’s memory. It’s an incredible piece of art, though – can’t imagine how much time it took to do that many layers! I don’t have enough patience to work with the programs like Photoshop and Gimp to do all the masking and layers…ugh. Kudos to Martin for having the patience and skill to make it look so good!

    1. Hi, Corina, thanks for dropping by – I’m going to re-post the final image again tomorrow, at a larger size, so maybe the logos will be clearer 🙂

    1. Thank you mAgdA! Martin gets absorbed in building up the layers. I think I printed the images out too small for people to see the logos (there are more than one!) so I’m going to re-post the final one tomorrow, in larger format.

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