18 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #11

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I’m in awe. This is a painting that, if it was hanging in my own, would bless me with beauty and mystery every time I gazed at it. I didn’t find the logo but that may be because I was spellbound by the painting.

    • Wow! What an incredible response, Joss! I’ve been surrounded by these paintings for years, so I guess I take them ~ and Martin’s talent ~ for granted. It’s very rewarding to revisit them, with the fresh perspective you’ve given. Thank you for that! 🙂

  2. I love it. Me too, loved the painting so much that searching for a logo doesn’t seem important. It put me in mind of a beautiful romany caravan. I love it. You have a talented husband there Jacqueline.

    • I thought I’d already replied to you, Sue, but it doesn’t appear to be showing. Thank you very much for your lovely comments – I’d never seen it as a gypsy caravan, but you’re right 🙂

  3. Wow, Martin, you have done it again! I think this is an interesting picture even if it were just a photograph – you have some neat elements going on in it. But what you do with watercolors takes the image to a whole ‘nother level! I’ve heard that the key to success with watercolors is to make sure you “let in enough light” – by that yardstick, I would say you’re an expert, for sure.

    I love the colors you chose for this. It could have been a spooky, dark and disquieting image, but you managed to make it magical, like a doorway out of a fantasy fairy tale. The logo is on the inside of the vase at the bottom, but I agree that this piece is mesmerizing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it, Jacqueline, and thank you, Martin for allowing your work to be shared! I bet the 5′ x 3’ piece is stunning when you enter the room!

    • Hi there Dragonkatet, thanks for your comments. I think the way to paint is to use hard against soft and light against dark. Also keep the colours apart – a lot of watercolours end up appearing dark and ” muddy ” as people don’t do this. The 5’x3′ picture is at the top of a flight of stairs so the perspective changes as you ascend – works well!

  4. Fascinating, inspiring picture. When I see intriguing art like this, I dive into story ideas and have no luck finding imbedded symbols or logos. In the once-popular series of “Where’s Waldo?” I was horrible. I’d always find funning faces or characters who WEREN’T Waldo but were so interesting that they gave me writing ideas. Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture.

    • I thought I’d already replied to you, Marylin, but it doesn’t appear to be showing. Thank you for your fabulous comments, we’re glad you enjoyed the art! 🙂

  5. There’s a fluidity to the image on the painting. Watercolor paintings like this always fascinate me when I see them. The control of the paint to water ratio has to be very controlled. The story behind the painting must be very intriguing. This is a beautiful
    painting. The painting is too beautiful to look for the logo. The feeling it converys is captivating.

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