7 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #17

  1. Hi Jacqueline, I’m thick at finding logos, is it at the back of the house in that cloud? I love love love this house, you must have enjoyed your hen do. You could set a story there, around the hen do maybe???

    1. Yes, Susan, I did enjoy it and there is a story. Two younger colleagues drank too much champagne, got a bit fruity with each other (both girls!) and had to be sent home in disgrace, by the scandalised hostess! I was thinking of submitting it to People’s Friend 😉 The signature is on the third stone in the wall beside the plaque. You’re definitely not thick ~ you have to enlarge the picture to find it 🙂

    1. Thank you, Joss, he’s reminded me that he also created a painted version, that was the one the client bought. He loves rocks and stones, so he was in his element doing this. And, of course, you are right about the signature on the wall! 🙂

  2. Jaqueline,
    As always I love Your work.As a matter of fact I had a little problem reading Martin name..I see “King” but in front what it is written I can not see.He signed Himself at the stone on the left side by the ground,third one I believe.Is it right?
    I found this logo amazing.May I ask who drew this picture?It is so beautiful.Have a great Sunday!

  3. Hello, Milena, thank you for dropping by and for your lovely comments. My husband, Martin, drew the picture ~ and all the other ‘Virtual Open Studio’ pieces, published previously. You are absolutely right about his signature. 🙂

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