8 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio # 16

  1. I’m fasciated! Being very new to your blog this is my first introduction to The Artist’s work. I’m going to truly look forward to anything more you share along the way. It must be so interesting to take artistic talents in new directions with technology that is continually opening new doors for expression. Perhaps an odd comment given the “spooky” qualities of the piece, but I think it’s beautiful! Debra

    1. Hi Debra ~ I’ve just rescued you from the trash folder! Thank you for your wonderful comments, we’re happy you think the pictures beautiful, we weren’t sure how well they’d be received! You are right ~ it is thrilling to combine technology with traditional creativity and to share the results with the world. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you showed us the top picture. The artist has a lot of patience to do all those layers and produce the detailed pictures below.

    I guess I fail because I can’t see the logo.. ((hangs head in shame))

  3. I should’ve guessed you were Monty Python fans. *grin* Very impressed with the technical skills for this one as well as the end result. It reminds me of the Terminator! 🙂 Although, I have to admit, with the logo being on a skull shape, it also calls to mind the Grateful Dead.

  4. I didn’t deliberately use Monty Python’s opening line but I was an avid fan when it came out ~ we’d neve seen anything like it before! Thank you for your words of praise, Corina, Martin’s technical skills are amazing, given that he’d never even touched a keyboard until he started his Digital Art Degree. A young man saw The Awakening and called it ‘sick’ ~ which we assume meant he liked it! 🙂

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