Virtual Open Studio #18

In addition to conventional artwork, digital painting and 3D modelling, The Artist has also accepted commissions to design some cool tattoos ~ which he calls ‘dermagraphics’. He finds it most rewarding when someone likes his work enough to have it indelibly inked upon their body ~ a most exquisite canvas. (I’d never thought of it like that, until he said it.)



These Mucha-esque flowers were created to cover up old tattoos, with which the owners were no longer happy. They’re happy now!

This cyber/cyborg tattoo had to be very carefully worked out, so that the precise detail remained true, when it was rendered on the inside of the client’s arm. Martin watched the tattooing process ~ his vision taking shape, exactly as he planned. As a result of his thorough research and attention to detail, the piston at the top centre of the design actually moves up and down, as the arm is flexed. Amazing!

Ironically, having observed how much pain his clients have to suffer for his art, The Artist has no desire to get inked himself!

This work is ours so copyright conditions apply šŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Virtual Open Studio #18

  1. The flowers are nice but the cyber-bionic one, WOW! What a neat tattoo to have. šŸ™‚ If he learned how to use the tat gun and got licensed, I bet he could make quite a bit of money. That really is one of the highest compliments, to have your art on someone else’s body…forever. Cool stuff!

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