Looking Good

I simply wished to post an up~to~date picture of myself, wearing my new spectacles. One which didn’t make my unruly hair look as though I was wearing an angora bonnet. So yesterday, after my bi~monthly shearing, I handed my phone to ‘The Artist’ so that he could take an instant snap. Simples! There’s even a facility on WordPress to upload a quick post, so it should have only taken a second or two.

Hmmm…. Not so fast….

We tried taking several shots in the living room, but I was too far away. When I cropped the photo and enlarged it, my face became pixelated. Not a good look.

Martin came in closer, but I resembled an hysterical hamster: rosie cheeks puffed out and pearly whites bared in a fixed grin. Not a good look. Seriously.

The light from the windows in the studio reflected too much in my lenses.

The voiles in the bedroom made it so dark that you could hardly see me ~ let alone my snazzy new bins.

In further attempts, I just looked worried or cross ~ clearly caught mid ‘just do it!’

On the way to our afternoon cleaning jobs, we didn’t argue about it. I merely suggested that Martin might benefit from an eye test, while he accused me of wildly over~estimating the technical capabilities of a smart~phone.

‘If you want to look perfect,’ he told me, ‘then book a professional sitting’. So much for instant upload.

In the end a colleague came to our rescue. Caretaker Pete, whose mobile doesn’t even have a camera, pressed the shutter on mine and voila! Here is me, at work, in my new Gok Wan glasses, with their groovy purple frames:



21 thoughts on “Looking Good

  1. Very nice! The only photos of myself I like are occasionally caught when I’m not thinking about it! The “planned” ones never seem to make me happy! As my husband always says to me when I get back from getting my hair done, to you I say, “Nice ‘do! ” 🙂 Debra

    1. Thank you for the compliments Debra ~ unposed ‘snaps’ do seem to work out better but Martin is too much of a perfectionist to just point and click, bless him! I’ve had this hairstyle for a while now and even if I try a different ‘do’, I always end up coming back to it, because it suits me and is easy to manage 🙂

      1. Ha, got an instant flashback there –
        “Nice legs, shame about the face!” – what a great song!
        Gonna let that one roll around my head for a while (OMG, how I miss those days!!; )

  2. Thank you, Joss ~ I did have a bit of a crisis of confidence after I’d chosen them and before they arrived, as they are quite distinctive. But I love they way they frame and open up my eyes. It’s all part of me coming out of a quiet, reflective phase. I love my profile pic too ~ Martin did take some great ones that day! 🙂

  3. “. . .I resembled an hysterical hamster:. .” this made me snort — I always feel the same way about getting my picture taken — it never comes out ‘natural’ It’s like I try to hard or something and, usually, my husband get annoyed with me, too. But, I have to say the picture of you at the end is really quite nice — love the glasses.

    1. Thank you, Kathy ~ I’ve just found this comment! I think we do try too hard to look good in photos ~ pulling in the tummy, holding up the chin…. You should have seen some of the snaps that I deleted ~ maybe I should have saved them for Halloween! 😉

  4. Thank you, Corina, my last few pairs of glasses have been neutral so that they blended in (a bit like me!) But I’m coming out of my shell a bit now, and these are a statement that ‘I’m back!’ And you are right, I’ve always had the habit of finding the humour in the most ridiculous situations! 😉

  5. LOL… After all the stress and fussing about this photo (with your new Gok Wans – LOVE them BTW; ) your avatar pic with the completely casual, wind-tossed coif seems to suit you to a “T”… and, best of all, I can almost smell the salt air from here: )

    1. I’ve been meaning to ask, Deb, are you my long lost cousin who emigrated from Wales to Canada with my aunt and uncle, in 1976? And yes, I remember that song too ~ it probably would be banned as being sexist nowadays! 🙂

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