Sunshine After the Rain

After a few days of heavy rain, Sunday dawned bright and clear, if a little chilly. So The Artist decided to ride out on the Harley, visiting a mate who has a fourteen acre ‘back garden’, complete with small fishing lake, ancient woods and motocross track.

I’m always welcome to join him but I’m definitely a fair~weather biker babe these days. Besides, I know he appreciates ‘bloke~time’ as much as I like being left alone to ‘potter’ occasionally ~ these ‘spaces between us’ help us both maintain our balance.

So I waved him off, flung doors and windows open to air the house and headed out into our front garden to absorb a few rays while the sun still shone. When I wrote about my intentions for 2013, I didn’t think I’d be able to work outside for a couple of months yet, so this was an unexpected bonus, reconnecting me with the natural world and literally grounding me.

I began cutting back an overgrown jasmine, which a friend had given me as a cutting several years ago. It may not be the right time of year to be doing this but it grows like crazy, so I’m sure it will appreciate the pruning. After all, nature is programmed to survive. Actually, looking at the photo, I might have been a little enthusiastic with the secateurs ~ ah well, too late now!


The cat who isn’t our cat kept me company, sharpening her claws on the gate post, before settling on a sunlit bench ~ but by the time I’d taken off my gardening gloves to photograph her, she’d scarpered. Here’s a picture of the empty seat, in front of our new fence. It looks quite stark at the moment but I have plans….. 😉

By the time the homeward bound HD roared through the gates, it was clouding over and becoming cold. So we dumped three sacks of clippings and a skip bag of rubbish at the recycling centre and came indoors, grateful for this brief foretaste of spring!

8 thoughts on “Sunshine After the Rain

  1. We’ve had a few mild days here too. Always a bonus in January. Funny I was thinking the other day about the cat who isn’t your cat! Glad to hear he’s still around, keeping you company even if he is an uncooperative photography subject!

  2. Yes, Summer’s still here ~ in fact she’s sitting on Martin’s lap right now! Snow is predicted for us tomorrow but, as we’re such a small island, I doubt it’ll settle. We’re so unprepared for it in this country that everything literally grinds to a halt, our school will close and we won’t have to go into work! Yay! 🙂

  3. I envy you! We’re having a ‘heat-wave’ right now — a chinook has rolled in and our temps are in the +6’s and 7’s. Feels like Spring! People walking about in sweaters and t-shirts (a little crazy if you ask me, but that’s what we Albertans/Canadians do when we get a respite from the cold. Happy pottering!

    1. It must be difficult to carve out some ‘me time’, Granny, when you’re caring for your family and working part time like you are. I get very scratchy if I don’t get my share ~ but being able to go outside so early was a real bonus! 🙂

  4. So pleased you are having some sunshine after the rain… I cant wait to get back into the garden again.. At the moment we are snow bound.. and it looks to remain that way for a while..

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your comment upon my post also. It is always good to hear from a fellow Light worker.. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sue Dreamwalker ~ I was glad I got out there when indid as it poured the following day. We had some snow at the end of last week, but the rain washed it all away on Monday 😦

      Your post explained a great deal of things that I’d been questioning and is comforting me as I work through yet another unexpected and cataclysmic challenge ~ so I’ll be back to study it again! 🙂

      1. We are being challenged in many ways I think WR especially through these energy shifts we are experiencing.. Change is always hard for we so often hang onto the familiar …. I have found though through my own experiences that sometimes its those most difficult of challenges which tax and test us to the hilt.. are the ones once we have accepted them and gone with the flow.. are the very ones which change and have a profound effect upon our lives. For they alter and set our course to the future path we are next expected to travel..
        Good luck with your own unexplained challenges.. and embrace them rather than resist them and you will find that obstacles you thought insurmountable are easily overcome..

        love and Blessings
        Sue x:-)

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