Since the end of November, when I took part in Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Abundance Challenge, I have been meditating at least three times a week. I’m generally awake before The Artist, so I set myself up in the studio with candle, incense, iPad and headphones, listening to the music from the course, which I purchased once it had finished.

Great stuff!

Except my ear~bud wires seemed to have a life of their own ~ however carefully I stashed them away, when I pulled them out of the drawer the next morning they were a complicated mess of tangles. Very frustrating and not exactly conducive to serenity.

Then I saw an item on Pinterest, demonstrating how to avoid this by wrapping them. So I decided to give it a go:

The technique proved trickier than it looked ~ requiring the skills (and tentacles) of an octopus to keep everything under control. As you can see, my first attempt created more of a muddle than I’d started with, so I had to chop out the knots…..

…..re~think my strategy and start all over again:

Once I’d pinned the jack to a folded pillowcase and wound the wayward yarn round a plastic~bag clip, it became much easier…

….. therapeutic and quite addictive ~ almost meditation in itself. So I wrapped my iPad charger too:

It works! Even shoved in my pocket, amid keys and tissues and dog treats, the wires remain tangle~free. I’m convinced the music sounds better too!

The photo on Pinterest showed the knots in the yarn spiralling round the cords ~ describing them like those in a friendship bracelet, (which I’ve never made either.) Disappointingly, my attempts so far haven’t worked out that way…..

Now, where did Martin leave his earphones? 😉

5 thoughts on “Untangled

  1. what a great idea, because, yeah they do have a life of their own and the moment you tuck them away, begin to weave and dip and swirl and create a tangle – again. But where are the step by step instructions on how to do this? You can’t leave me hanging like this, I’m tangled up and hoping for rescue here.

  2. I found the instructions on apartmenttherapy.com Joss. If you go to my board ‘Handy Hints, Useful Tips and Eco~Sound DIY’ and follow the link back to the previous pinner, the correct link is shown there. They used embroidery floss but I didn’t have any handy (it was late at night) plus I figured it might be too delicate for my first attempt (and my fat fingers! LOL!). The spiral pattern is based on the ‘Chinese Staircase’ ~ I’m definitely going to aim for that effect next time. 🙂

  3. That’s a wonderful idea – now I will not be stuck with jsut white or black wire …. Thank you J. I’m definitely going to have a go at it!!!!

  4. What an AWESOME idea! I, too, suffer from the horrible tangle my ear-buds get into when I leave them in a drawer! Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. Yours look gorgeous!!! I will have to find some good colored embroidery thread or yarn or something, but I want to do this! Pinterest is great (my attempts rarely turn out like the pictures which inspire them, but hey, at least I try!) 🙂

    1. Thanks for that, Corina, I thought I was the only one who didn’t get things right! I’ve been using my wrapped earphones for a while now and they do remain tangle~free. Pinterest is fun ~ I’m off to microwave some soap now, or maybe blow the kitchen up! 😉

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