Happy Birthday Down Under continued…

Just after midnight I published a birthday greeting to my four~year~old twin grandsons, who are currently traveling in Australia with their Mum. What with time differences and unstable Internet connections, it has been tricky to stay in contact, though obviously I think of them often ~ particularly today.

They’ve probably gone to bed now, their special day over for another year. So I’m not going to be able to speak to them directly ~ no matter, they’ll be flying home soon. However, I have managed to ‘see’ them ~ my daughter posted this photo on Facebook a few minutes ago:

That’s Mylo on the left, singing the birthday song, I’m guessing, to Ruan on the right.

Almost instant communication, through a social networking site.

Many people my age (and younger) dismiss Facebook and the like as time~wasting obsessions.
‘What’s wrong with just talking,’ they complain, ‘phoning or writing a letter, like we used to do in the old days?’

Well clearly that wouldn’t work, in this case, or we’d have done it ~ I’d just be left wondering and wishing. And, while nothing can compare to the joy of seeing my loved ones in person, I am grateful for the technology that beamed this wonderful photo, from the other side of the planet straight to my heart!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Down Under continued…

  1. Thank you, SD, I was very happy to receive it. They are back in this country now, so Skyping and visiting is easy. I trust you have a great Bank Holiday ~ even though the sunshine we enjoyed earler this week seems to have disappeared! πŸ™‚

  2. A great photograph, and the pleasure of seeing it so soon after being taken can help get rid of negativity towards some of the social sites. Skype is pretty good too and gives you the chance to actually talk to the people at the other end of the world for free which is magical. It’s a long journey home for them but I hope you get to see and hold them all soon.
    xx Hugs. xx

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