Down the Wightrabbit Hole

It’s a mystery.

Wightrabbit has disappeared.

Yesterday I wrote a Nurturing Thursday post on Wightrabbit’s Blog ~ but I can’t preview it.

Apparently it’s ‘Forbidden‘!

I can still access old posts on the site if I type the URL into my search bar.

But I cannot edit them.

I’m a visitor, not the author.

Weird ~ but not entirely surprising. For a while now I’ve been wondering whether to change the way I’ve been operating two blogs, how to simplify and just write one.

Or maybe start a completely new one.

We’ll see ~ hopefully I won’t lose contact with all my blog buddies out there and have to start over from scratch.

I’ve enjoyed being part of this amazing cyber~community of like~minded souls and I trust that I can continue to do so.

But just in case ‘Tao of Scrumble’ follows the Wightrabbit into Wonderland, I’d like to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on your posts; writing my own, knowing that you’re all out there somewhere, appreciating my efforts to communicate and make sense of this topsy~turvy world.

And of Internet Technology.

Ok, I’m gonna press the button now. Fingers crossed, wish me luck!

Love you, love you, love you………….bye………


10 thoughts on “Down the Wightrabbit Hole

  1. Well, it worked, but I can’t log into my Wightrabbit account to make this comment. Hmmmm…..

  2. That happened to me. I had to go to wordpress and sign in. I am trying to make sense of technology too. It is kind of funny that I have a blog because I have a hard time with technology.
    Luckily my husband is good at it.
    Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks Laurie, tried that but it doesn’t work consistently and I’m still forbidden to preview, edit or publish my own posts! I keep hoping it’ll sort itself out, but Wightrabbit’s Blog appears to have been suspended for some reason. 😦

      1. I was just thinking of you.
        Blessings and all the best to you-
        I often get stuck on the technology. Now it seems I sent my email subscribers a bunch of duplicates. Ooops.
        Take good care.

    1. Thanks Jade, that’s good to know. I’ve had to sign in to WordPress every time lately, it doesn’t seem to remember me. So I was happy to install the updated app, designed to make it run smoother. Ha! Now it doesn’t run at all!! 😉

    1. Hi Susan ~ loving your giggle blog but I’m not able to publish my comments at the moment ~ it’s been dodgy for a few weeks and I’m going round in circles, trying to sort it all out! 😦

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