Change of Identity

I still haven’t managed to rescue the Wightrabbit though I’ve tried many times, believe me.

Rather than getting frustrated, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not meant to hide behind my username any longer. That it’s time to step out of the bunny costume and show who I really am. Which would have been way too scary when I started but now I feel the time is right.

I never intended to be posting on two blogs in the first place ~ maintaining one was time~consuming enough. But, when I set up the second by accident, I thought it might make sense to keep writing separate from art and craftwork. To write ‘properly’ on Wightrabbit’s Blog , using Tao of Scrumble for my other interests. To take the former ‘seriously’, paying attention to syntax and grammar, whilst contributing to causes which I deemed important ~ like ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ and ‘Nurturing Thursday’. And to have some innocent fun with the latter ~ such as showcasing The ‘Virtual Open Studio’ series, with it’s ‘find the logo’ competition.

But now that a technological anomaly has forced to re~think my strategy, I can see that the former arrangement was too restrictive. For me art and writing are inter~twined, along with gardening, cooking, crochet etc…..etc. All things creative. One thing sparks ideas for another and for inspiration to flow freely, I have to work intuitively and spontaneously. Not be bound by self~imposed rules, which turn activities I’ve always loved into onerous chores. So, far from being a disaster, Wightrabbit’s disappearance is actually a blessing in disguise. πŸ˜‰

Tao of Scrumble. An accurate description of my way of living, the quirky name makes me smile! From now on this will be my only blog ~ a mash~up of all of my passions
And to mark the change I’ve updated my profile picture and signed in under my actual name.


So, if you receive a ‘new post’ notification from a name that you don’t recognise, or if a strange old lady starts commenting on your blogs ~ that’ll probably be me.

Please allow me to introduce myself ~ I am Jacqueline King!

9 thoughts on “Change of Identity

    1. Thank you, Vendulka, it suits my dog~walking life~style better than the bob, which went so wild in the rain that I looked like a sheep! Hoping to see you again, soon x

  1. Glad you’ve stepped into the limelight as yourself Jacqueline. You are a star in many ways, and look forward to seeing and hearing about all your creative projects.

  2. Thank you, Susan, what a wonderful thing to say! I’m really touched and your words have done wonders to my confidence! I’ve been thinking about changing for a while now but was too lazy to find out how to do it, until techno~gremlins forced my hand! πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh how wonderful …
    I have a hard time keeping track with one blog, much less 2 or more … there are still posts in areas I want to expand, but time keeps getting shorter in those areas. Glad to know we will be seeing more of you and all your lovely interests. Love the new photo!!!

    Happy Monday!!

  4. Hi Jacqueline! What a fabulous treat. You make me consider if I hide behind the Soul Dipper name. When I started the blog, I certainly wanted anonymity while I tested the waters, but maybe you are my mirror and it’s time to engage more openly. I love your whole creative appearance – the colours, the projects, the clothes, the kinky mirror…all of it.

    You continue to be such a delight. I really appreciate the connection.

    I’ve just read your comment on my blog. Thank you, dear understanding soul. Much appreciated.

  5. You know, not only does this make sense on a practical level, but I think there is probably a unifying element to it for you in real life. What I mean is, maybe this is a symbolic step of not having yourself divided or spread too thin anymore? πŸ™‚ Mentally, emotionally, physically…that everything is coming together in unity for you! In any case, I still look forward to seeing updates in my inbox.

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