Fingers Crossed

Life on our Paradise Isle is changing, in a good way.

Recently The Artist has taken on extra Age UK assignments, which leaves me more time alone. This suits us both ~ he enjoys providing support to vulnerable people in their homes and there’s always plenty here for me to do.

I’d like to write more than I’ve managed to so far this year and, to that end, I treated myself to a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. I connected it on Friday and it seemed to be working well. I even managed to publish a blog about combining the technologies ~ typing on traditional keys, then swiping the screen, rather than using a mouse.

At least, I thought I did. It appeared in my list of posts but when I searched for it later, it had disappeared. I’ve left it for a couple of days, hoping that it would magically update when I switched my tablet off ~ but no show, so far.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I’m about to try again ~ notice that I haven’t written much, in case I lose it!

So here we go then ~ fingers crossed!

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