Nurturing Thursday 26

This afternoon I took my crochet, a mug of Redbush tea and foster~dog Indie out into the garden to take full advantage of an unexpectedly fabulous October day:


When we came indoors The Artist read out the long range weather forecast. It was just as well I nurtured myself with a healthy dose of Sunshine and Vitamin D ~ heavy snowfall is heading our way in November, apparently. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 26

    1. It was a lovely afternoon, Becca and we were glad we’d taken full advantage of it because the weekend brought heavy rain and thunderstorms. Perfect for snuggling indoors and crocheting a gilet for my granddaughter ~ her favourite colour (and her shoes) are red! 🙂

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your photo, Jacqueline. You look so good – and so trim! So…that’s your wee pooch. He’s certain to keep you on a steady pace!

    Yes, the Almanac is warning us of deep cold and heavy snows from mid December to mid January. We’ve been spoiled…milder winter temps and one snowfall on Christmas Day last year. Doesn’t sound much like Canada, does it? It’s the location of our little island. We try to keep it a secret. We threaten the growers of palm trees, “If you post a photo of that tree, don’t you dare say where it is growing!”

    1. Thank you, Amy, I seem to have slimmed down this year without even trying ~ I haven’t weighed myself for 20 years, but my clothes tell me that I’m lighter and more toned. Must be all the dog~walking and including raw virgin coconut oil in my diet!

      Yes, our island has it’s own micro~climate, better than the mainland ~ and it can vary enormously from one side to the other. It’s one of the reasons why I call it our paradise Isle! 🙂

      1. I’m a Virgin Coconut Oil person too, Jacqueline. Isn’t it neat how little islands can have weather patterns as variable as a large land mass? Lately, we’ve had huge fogs…quite unusual. I had sun the other day while a friend 4 miles away had none. I used to work at a lower elevation and would drive to town with dread that I had to give up sunshine!

        We never know where it will be snowy. We phone ahead. 😀

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