Nurturing Thursday 30

I’ve been absent from The Blogosphere for a few weeks, over the holiday season.

I had a wonderful Christmas to remember ~ thanks to my lovely daughter, Rachael, who worked hard to make this a magic time, filled with happy memories. Bless her!

Now there’s a New Year to look forward to and who knows what it might bring? Man~made construct or not, it’s as good a time as any to review and renew intentions for the future.

Over the coming months I’d like to devote more energy to writing, arts and crafts. Through trial and many an error, I’ve had to admit that even free~form requires underlying structure. After muddling along with no set objectives since I retired from my full time career, I’m trying to apply a little more discipline. So I’ve changed the appearance of this page to ‘Chalkboard’, which I find clearer and I’m currently finishing off a few crochet and papier~mâché projects before moving on to anything new. And, when I do I’ll make important decisions beforehand, rather than as I go along. It’s an interesting turn~around for me as I tend to work more spontaneously, with serendipitous results. I’ll let you know how that pans out!

I’d also like to produce more abundant crops in my garden, weather and health permitting ~ the last three or four years have not been great. Even then, we still have some soft fruit in the freezer, which grew well last year, despite a prolonged rainy season and not much warmth. Left to her own devices, Mother Nature is truly amazing ~ but I’m hoping to be fit enough to be more ‘hands~on’ this year. I’ll let you know how my garden grows!

One thing I’ve been planning for a while now is a Mega Spring Clean ~ sorting though my ‘stuff’, passing on anything I no longer have use for, deep cleaning the house. It’s a daunting task and I’m not sure where to begin. And I’m way too easily distracted by more entertaining suggestions, although I know it would make life easier if I de~cluttered and re~organised. I’ll let you know how I get on!

As you can see, these are not resolutions ~ I’m no longer chasing ambition or setting myself hard~to~reach targets. I’m just saying how I’d like to spend 2014 ~ nurturing my creativity, my connection with the earth and my home and creating more of those happy memories to share with my family.

Happy New Year!

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4 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 30

  1. Hi Jacqueline. Glad you’ve got a guide in mind. It does help. We’re de-cluttering and clearing my Dad’s shop for him. We’ve found enough England flags to last for the next 5 years I think, and other stuff as well. You have to be quite ruthless though, like you I imagine, I always convince myself there’s a use for every scrap of wool and bow and button….. Happy New Year. Look forward to reading your posts. xx

    1. Oh, Susan! I love your use of the word ‘guide’ ~ much better even than ‘intention’! I think I must try it develop some ruthlessness ~ I’m so excited by the thought of all the wonderful treasure in your Dad’s shop that I’d never throw any of it away! 😉 Happy New Year to you and your family too!x

  2. Not sure how I missed this post and I love your conclusion: nurturing my creativity, my connection with the earth and my home and creating more of those happy memories to share with my family.

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