Progress Report #1 2014

On Thursday, when I wrote about my ‘intentions’ for this year, I mentioned that I’d decided to spend some time finishing incomplete projects before starting any more and promising to report back. I’ve only taken a few, faltering steps so far ~ but the longest journey and all that. And, after the first one, I’ve found it gets easier ~ so here we go:

I’d like to develop my free form knitting and crochet techniques, rather than turning my stash of strips and squares into throws ~ I’ve been doing that for some time, investigating the effects of different stitches, weights and textures. So, once I’d published the post, I picked up a Scrumble, a box of motifs I’d made earlier, another containing odds and ends of yarn and a medium~sized crochet hook.

I soon found out why this particular piece had been consigned to the Un~Finished Object pile. Without forward planning and with no particular end result in mind, progress has been slow and challenging.


So, whilst I’ll continue working on it when the mood takes me, I’m going to read up on how to map out a design and practice doing that. Only then will I decide what I’d like to make and in which colour palette. I’ve loads of stockpiled fibres to choose from.

Many moons ago, when I traveled long distances in the course of my job, I dreamed up a children’s story ~ taking inspiration from the countryside through which I was driving; names on signposts, trade vans etc. and anything else interesting en route. When I visited my mother, who was becoming unwell, I’d tell her the latest instalment and, chipping in with helpful suggestions, she encouraged me to write it all down.

At home I would scribble pages of notes ~ but didn’t start writing in earnest until after she died. When we moved to the Island, I took a couple of courses, joined a writing group and began my ‘novel’ in earnest. My word~count had surpassed 17,000 when a computer crash jettisoned them into a cyberspace black hole. Yes, I know I should have backed up my work. But, if I’m honest, the magic wasn’t happening and ~ once I’d recovered from self~recrimination ~ I was genuinely quite relieved.

I made several, (unsuccessful) fresh starts, before shelving the entire project when the characters stopped speaking to me. Which was fine ~ their silence allowed me to concentrate on writing poetry, short stories and blogs. But, a little more mature, they are once again becoming vocal, so I’ve been re~connecting by jotting down rough notes and brainstorming some of the key elements I’d like to include.


I don’t know, at this stage, whether I’ll ever get to ‘The End’ and be happy ever after ~ I haven’t even typed ‘Chapter 1’ underlined yet, or dug out out my research and course notes to remind myself how it’s done. But I’ve made a halting start to get inspiration flowing ~ ironically it was strongest when I had a full~time career and was really busy. After a fallow period my days are beginning to fill up again, so I’m hopeful (and willing)……We’ll see.

Papier MΓ’chΓ©
I’ve dragged a bin~bag full of waste materials from under the stairs and plan to make picture frames from some empty (however did that happen?) chocolate boxes. I’m not sure what I’ll place in them ~ maybe some of those ready~made scrumbles?


Whilst snapping the above photo on iPad, I realised that I’d never posted a pic of the sun garden ornament that I originally started the summer before last. So here it is, finally finished. Severe weather warnings have decreed that I hang it indoors for the time being. It’s not robust enough to survive the lashing rain and high winds, which have been battering our shores for a while.


So that’s it. My first ~ somewhat limited ~ progress report.

I’ll let you know how I get on! πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “Progress Report #1 2014

    1. Thank you! I love blending colours in yarn and scrumbling is an ideal way to practice that. The sun is actually more golden than it has come out in the photo ~ I plan to develop more along the same lines. πŸ™‚

  1. Not at all limited Jacqueline, how exciting all your projects are. Love the sundial, and scrumbles could be a cushion, or tea cosy, or I could be here all night. Love the writing ideas as well. I’d be interested to see how you make your papier mache frames….. Watching with interest. xx

    1. Thank you, Susan ~ I’ve not paid as much attention to my hobbies as I thought I would when I retired, so I’ve decided to become more organised and use the blog as a record and motivation tool! I’d never thought of making a tea cosy ~ probably because we always stick a bag in a mug ~ but that is an excellent idea as it would be finished more quickly than a larger project and I could go quite wild with the motifs! I’m disappointed that the first draft of my novel didn’t work out brilliantly and make me billions ~ maybe next time?? LOL! I shall post pics of all my projects, as I complete them. Note the positivity ~ ‘as’ not ‘if’! πŸ˜‰

  2. Love your colour blends of wools, you have, and I am sure you will finish it .. Loved that Sundial you made How creative and unique is that.. I hope you find time between your projects to take photos and post us some updates.. Wishing you well with all your projects .. and looking forward to more progress reports throughout 2014 xxx Sue

    1. Thank you, Sue ~ I get these grand ideas but not all of them work out as I expect them to. Now and then a ‘happy accident’ occurs, which stuns and delights me! I’m hoping to publish more posts this year and will definitely include photos ~ it’s so much easier with smart technology than it used to be. I’m looking forward to reading more of your wonderful words over the coming months ~ I’m also making time to comment more too! πŸ™‚

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