Wild Surprise!

This is my newly acquired statue ~ a pixie boy playing Pan pipes. The Artist moved it for me yesterday, into this ivy~clad corner of the Kitchen Courtyard:


He didn’t notice anything unusual at the time but a short while later our friend Dee saw that Indie was sproinging up and down before it, legs rigid, all four feet leaving the ground at once and giving a little yap each time she rose. I don’t know how else to describe it but anyone who’s owned a terrier will get the picture:

It’s hilarious but I couldn’t catch her in mid air!

So we took a careful peek. And this is what we found:

We know that there are baby birds inside because we heard them tweeting in alarm. So we retreated and kept the dog indoors, hoping that the parents would come back.

I crept up to check on them this morning and an unblinking eye glared back at me. A spotted brown adult was sitting on the nest, too camouflaged to identify. Although I was raised in the country, my wild bird recognition skills are pitiful, so I’m not sure whether it was a thrush or a female blackbird. I didn’t poke about in case I frightened her away,

I’m excited and nervous all at once.

It’s thrilling that we have wild nature in our garden, Indie thinks so too. But I have to keep calling her away and telling her not to bark. Not easy for an inquisitive dog. To her credit, she does obey most times. But she’s quickly learned that she’ll be rewarded if she does, now she keeps asking to go out so she can come back inside and be tossed another treat! Luckily the nest’s too high for her to reach it and I’m wise to her crafty tricks!

Hopefully the baby birds will survive and one day fly away, leaving Indie in peace, to sunbathe beside the statue. After all, it is her favourite spot. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Wild Surprise!

  1. It’s a surprise the nest wasn’t seen when the statue was placed but Indie did a good job of alerting you o the danger posed to you by these vicious birds. I’m sure they’ll soon be fledged and off so Indie has her spot in time for the return oft the Summer.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    1. The fledglings still haven’t flown away, yet, David ~ lazy things are so fat now, I fear they never will. As soon as they get their act together, I’m taking the nest away ~ my friend warned me that the adults could start another batch if it’s still there. It’s been an interesting experience but not one I’ll be repeating any time soon ~ as you say Indie has already claimed squatters’ rights on that spot! 😉 ((Hugs)))

  2. I share in your delight. I have a birds nest in the rafters on both ends of my porch. There are mama birds who come and sit in the nest for a while throughout the day. I’m leery about climbing up to see what is in the nest because I am afraid I will spook the mama bird and she won’t come back. Even when she is not in the nest she is perched on the telephone wire watching the porch.

  3. Mama bird sounds charming, Brenda, it’s marvellous to have the time to sit and observe their habits. I’ve learned a lot from ours. It’s tricky keeping the dog away, so that the babies can fledge ~ she makes a beeline for that spot, as soon as we let her out and would sit there for hours, if we allowed it! 🙂

  4. What a lovely statue and WONDERFUL surprise with the baby birds! We had a pair of wrens that kept trying to build a nest in our garage, but we shooed them off because we didn’t want our cats to have access to such a smorgasboard. hehe. I hope your bird family does well and that Indie will accept that they are just part of the scenery. 🙂

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