Nurturing Thursday 46


This message appeared on my Facebook newsfeed three times on Tuesday morning, each post in slightly different format and shared by friends with no connection to each other, (except me, obviously!)

So I’m reflecting on this. And I thought I’d pass it on!


With grateful thanks to Becca Givens, author of the inspiring blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’, for hosting The ‘Nurturing Thursday’ movement. To read more about it, or to find out how you can join in, (the more, the merrier!) please press this link.

Other regular ‘Nurturing’ contributors are:

Crowing Crone Joss

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16 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 46

  1. What a lovely tradition… And all our cracks in life are golden opportunities to see their value in bringing us greater wisdom through their lessons….
    Have a wonderful Day and Weekend xxx Love Sue

    1. You’re right, Sue ~ light can flood through those cracks, bringing illumination. I’ve been looking at this metaphysically, wondering where I can pour some healing gold to make situations more beautiful! 🙂

  2. True enough. Items are sometimes more beautiful for having been broken. And like people they’re valued enough to have them repaired.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. Some things can be ‘too perfect’, David ~ and that makes them soul~less to me. I tend to use my broken pots as drainage for my potted plants ~ but I do like your comment about being valued enough to be worth repairing! 🙂

  3. I love this idea of pouring gold, that most precious of metals, into the places of brokenness. Like turning a shattered window into a work of painted glass – that’s a line from one of my poems that has always stuck with me. We CAN build lives of beauty no matter what comes our way. this I know.

    1. I love your imagery of shattered glass being transformed into a beautiful work of art, Joss. Everything you see through that window will be touched by colour, so it would never be a grey day! And the light flooding in would be amazing! (We’ve hung a stained glass panel in front of a side window, with an unattractive outlook, that’s how I know.) This ancient practice has made me think about which ‘broken’ areas of my life could be made beautiful with a touch of gold! 🙂

  4. This is such an inspiring philosophy. Often times, we repair our wounds, doing our best to hide them. Here, they are embracing them and showing there’s still beauty in being broken. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. What an honorable tradition to celebrate our unique beauty — battle scars and all. There is beauty in the “flawed”! Thank you for sharing with us. Big hug ~~

    1. It’s too easy to condemn ourselves to the trash, Becca, because we’ve ‘messed up’. But from now on I’ll wear my battle~scars with pride ~ they are part of what makes us beautiful! 🙂

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