Having Fun with Photos

Until now The Artist has manipulated my images for me ~ he has the Digital Art qualification and the iMac, after all!

But it’s not always convenient for him to drop what he’s doing to add some text to one of my snapshots, or combine elements of three separate photographs to create the effect I’m aiming for. When I get an idea which requires photo~editing it’s frustrating that I can’t just get on with it myself ~ but there’s no way I’m touching his computer when he’s not around. So I wait patiently, hoping that the ‘moment’ doesn’t pass.

Then on Saturday my blog buddy, Lord David Prosser, posted some photos which he’d edited to look like sketches. He’d used an app called Pho.to Lab, which I downloaded onto my iPad ~ and started ‘playing’ straight away:



‘under water’ with added text.

‘bubbles in the air’ (me surrounded by my grandchildren and the dog)
And finally….

‘magic valley’ (amazing frames)

Compared with Martin’s amazing digital artwork, this is pretty juvenile, I know. But I’m having so much fun that I don’t care!

(((Hugs))) and thank you for the heads~up Lord David

5 thoughts on “Having Fun with Photos

  1. They’re fantastic Jacqueline. It’s great fun isn’t it. I want to try transposing some of the faces onto animals , that should make me laugh. I’m so glad you found it and are enjoying it.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

  2. Oh, what FUN! It looks like you will be a Pro in no time and having fun playing around with it, too! There is an online Picture Editor called http://pixlr.com/ and it has some neat settings, too. There is also Gimp 2.0 that is free to download. It’s what I call the “poor man’s Photoshop” since it does almost everything that the Photoshop program can do. 🙂 There are scads of Gimp tutorials on Youtube if you decide to try it, but either way, you have a new creative outlet, and that is great!

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