Nurturing Thursday 50


This quote was recently shared on Facebook by The Chopra Center. I think its an excellent philosophy, so I’m passing it on!

With grateful thanks to Becca Givens, author of the inspiring blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’, for hosting The ‘Nurturing Thursday’ movement. To read more about it, or to find out how you can join in, (the more, the merrier!) please press this link.

Other regular ‘Nurturing’ contributors are:

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5 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 50

  1. It’s a wonderful philosophy though this last few years I think the Universe has been employing more bricklayers than carpenters. The doors seem to appear less frequently. Those in need may hope for a little more human intervention and we should all be prepared to be just that when required. After all, our job is the care of humanity.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I came across a quote the other day that I liked:

    “I don’t believe that we have an *obligation* to help every single person we encounter. I do believe that there is an *opportunity* to help every single person we encounter. Every. Single. Person.”

    Sometimes . . . we open doors for others. 😎

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