Rice Bucket Challenge ~ Done!


A couple of weeks ago I decided to participate in the Rice Bucket Challenge, by making a donation to the local food bank. I figured this would be passed on to someone in need ~ here in my own community ~ whilst saving the water that would have been poured over my head, if I’d taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge. (Which would have made my hair go all frizzy ~ not a good look, trust me.)

Due to unforeseen problems with my debit card , happily now resolved, I was unable to fulfil my promise until yesterday.

So, finally, here’s proof that I kept my word: a photo of me adding a packet of rice and some tinned veggies to the collecting box in my local supermarket ~ fresh/frozen foods aren’t acceptable, for obvious reasons.

Even though you can’t see my face, I promise that it is me. I made Martin focus on my hands because I’d just had my head massaged with essential oils ~ not a good look, trust me.


8 thoughts on “Rice Bucket Challenge ~ Done!

    1. The old card never turned up, David ~ I really do wonder if I accidentally filed it in the recycling bin! I do like to keep my word and this was such an easy challenge to fulfil. Thanks for the retweets ~ I find navigating around Twitter is not so easy on the iPad app! (((Hugs Galore!)))

  1. Thank you, Gayle ~ although many people took part in the Ice Bucket thing, there was a lot of controversy surrounding it. So when I was nominated to be drenched, I chose to do this challenge instead! 🙂

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