World Peace! Just Imagine…..

Today is International Peace Day, with many events and meditations taking place all over the globe. I’m re blogging this post from Sue at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary ~ the video is simply lovely! 🙂

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Remember WE Create!

WE are the WORLD

Just Imagine it

ALL the People sharing that same Dream…

So Lets Join in the Dream of John Lennon

September 21st is World Peace Day—Everyday should be a day of Peace..

Wishing you Peace Now and Always

 Enjoy your weekend


I hope you have enjoyed the Video.. You can see more at Playing for Change.

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3 thoughts on “World Peace! Just Imagine…..

  1. Thank you for reposting my post dear Jacqueline.. Today is another sad day as the UK agree to join in the bombing campaign in Syria. War does not bring about Peace..
    Let us keep sharing our Dreams though my friend.. and like Granny1947 says… Its a pity there are so many deviants out there..

    Much love
    Sue xox

    1. You’re welcome, Sue ~ it’s such a brilliant post that two of our fellow bloggers have reposted it too! As you say we need to keep sharing our Dreams and one day they will become reality, even if appearances are to the contrary. I just cannot get my head round MP’s actually voting to start another senseless war in this day and age!

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