Kaboodle Doodle Number Three

Until I saw what could be done with them on Pinterest, I’d never even heard of ‘Sharpie’ pens. Old hippie that I am, I was particularly attracted to the idea of using them to tie~dye some old T~shirts.

The instructions required the use of ‘rubbing alcohol’, which I was unable to source on the Island. So I substituted surgical spirit ~ the lovely lady in the chemist’s shop assured me it was almost the same, except with added camphor.

Rather than tackling an entire garment straight away, I decided to test it out on a small square of ‘waste’ material, (why follow the tried and tested methods when you can make up a totally new one?)


Surprisingly (or maybe not) it didn’t turn out the way that I expected. But I liked the effect so much ~ particularly in reverse ~ that I pasted it into my journal anyway.

Then I used them on paper:


And, no. I never did get around to tie~dyeing those well worn T’s! 😉

Once I’d discovered that ‘Scratchies’ would be a more accurate name than ‘Sharpies’, I began to investigate other brands of alcohol ink markers. Before long I’d acquired quite a collection:


I didn’t really get the hang of them until I’d watched some YouTube videos ~ a rich vein of inspiration, handy hints and tips. I still haven’t used them ‘properly’ ~ but here are some early attempts at blending:


And this is a very simple picture that I doodled:

~ unable to decide which side I prefer, I stuck it in my Art Journal with masking tape, so that it can be flipped over:


That’s all for now, folks! Next time I plan to show how my sketching practice is progressing, so I’m off to sharpen my pencils (and tidy up those markers.)


10 thoughts on “Kaboodle Doodle Number Three

  1. I was fascinated with your doodle art and the pens.. seems I am way behind the kitchen door too when it comes to new things in the art world… I enjoyed learning along with you.. And I love the reverse side I think of your mushrooms.. softer and more blending appealed to me, sort of more magical.. 🙂
    I remember well the tie dyed T-Shirts and Jeans.. I remember us doing a whole batch with my sisters as we used the copper boiler with our TShirts tied in circles of string here and there to our own designs and then My Mother putting one of those round dyes in the boiler to bring to the boil before our T shirts were plunged a lovely shade of Purple.. 🙂 🙂 Thank you for this post and for the memories it brought 🙂
    Love Sue xox

    1. Thank you for your interest, enthusiasm and lovely comments, Sue! I do love it when the colours bleed through the page ~ sometimes even on to the one below if I forget to insert a scrap piece of card to block it. (That gets really interesting too!) At the moment I’m being led from one experiment to the next, not getting any actual artwork finished ~ but it’s great to have the time to do that without pressure.

      I’ve always wanted to tie~dye but my Mum would never let me fill her precious Hotpoint with purple Dylon and I had no sisters to out~number her!! Maybe I’ll revert to the old methods and fulfil my inner hippie~chick ~ but I think I’ll wait until next summer, so that it can dry outside, before I give it a go! 🙂

    1. I’ll do my best not to, David, LOL! Actually, I thought I’d made these up completely ~ then I saw a post on Facebook with images of ‘the 25 most amazing mushrooms ever’, or somesuch. Un~Be~lieve~able!!! Mine look rather ordinarily by comparison! (((Huge Hugs)))

  2. I’m absolutely rubbish at drawing, Gilly ~ that’s why I embrace abstract, non~definable shapes! I was so excited when I bought the pens on the mainland and couldn’t wait to get them home and start creating. But the initial results were so disappointing ~ they claim to be blendable but I just get messy lines. I’m not giving up, though, they cost too much to throw away! 😉

  3. Oh, I love, love, love this! I have such a big, silly grin on my face from looking at your wonderful art! 😀 I’m a hippie at heart and own quite a collection of tie-dye t-shirts…I love the look of them. I’ve never worked much with alcohol -blending, although I have tried using Prismacolor colored pencils and experimenting with mineral spirits, but it didn’t have near the same effect as your markers do! These are GREAT, Jacqueline! I hope you will continue to share all of your creative endeavors with us. 🙂

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