Wightrabbit Luck

A few days ago The Artist and I took Indie out to the West Wight. Although it’s only a few miles from the Island’s main town, the terrain is rugged and wild, with little habitation and tons of new smells for an excited terrier to investigate.

As we pulled into the remotest car park, I noticed this:


I thought it looked like a cat, who’d strayed too far from home and was probably lost. My practical husband insisted that I had an over~active imagination and that it was simply an abandoned plastic bag.


Although he didn’t think we stood a ‘cat in hell’s chance’ of rescuing whatever the mystery object might be, Mr Cynic slid out of the car and crept towards it. When he was close enough he took this snap on his phone:


It was a rabbit!

When Martin took one step too close for comfort, the animal darted off into the undergrowth. But as soon as he backed off, it hopped casually back into view and resumed it’s interrupted brunch, oblivious of the fact that it was clearly visible to any predator:


Now it’s a common British superstition to say, ‘rabbits, rabbits, white rabbits’ or variations thereof, on the first day of every month. Apparently it brings good luck.

So, as it’s the first of November, let me be the first (and quite probably the only person ever) to wish you:

‘Rabbits, rabbits, Wight white rabbits! From Wightrabbit!’
p.s. ‘Wightrabbit’ is the pseudonym I chose when I first started blogging.

10 thoughts on “Wightrabbit Luck

  1. That.s the first time I’ve ever seen a wild rabbit with that colouring Jacqueline. Surely it’s an escaped pet or one released to fend for itself?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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