Nurturing Thursday 75

We’re having what you might call ‘interesting’ weather in the UK at the moment ~ bright, breezy spells brought to an abrupt end by heavy rainfall, thunder, lightning and even hail. Not that I’m complaining ~ these are minor inconveniences compared with the natural disasters devastating other parts of the planet. 

Despite temperatures rising to 20 degrees one day then plunging back to single figures the next, Spring is well underway: trees and shrubs are blossoming, the allotments we pass on our dog walks are coming to life and the  birds landing on the fence outside my window have beaks crammed with food for their young. Ceaselessly active, it’s a wonder they have energy to spare but they chirp and tweet away, sounding particularly ebullient after a storm. Whatever the weather, they just go about their business with single~minded purpose ~ how inspiring is that? 🙂 

What with injury and illness, I found gardening too difficult and painful last year which was sad. I missed that connection of being at one with the Earth, of nurturing life and getting potting compost under my nails. (I start with every intention of keeping my gloves on ~ but before I know what I’m doing I’ve yanked them off and I’m up to my elbows in dirt!) Then I remembered that one of my mother’s favourite sayings was ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’, so this year I’ve planted veg in pots on staging, where I can weed and water them without bending or stretching too much. 

It has already made a huge difference, even though ~ after a promising start ~ my crops seem to have entered a period of suspended animation. With very little progress evident, I’ve treated them to a healthy dose of Epsom salts and a few kind words of encouragement. I’m hopeful that the better weather which has been forecast for the next couple of days will kickstart a growth spurt. 

If it does I’ll post some pics! 





Nurturing Thursday is hosted by Becca Givens, author of the inspiring blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea.’ To read more about it, or to find out how you can join in, press this link. 

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16 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 75

  1. Good Morning Jacqueline, I’ve stepped outside this morning and it is good. It might be a bit nippy but it’s not raining. What’s pleased me most though id that my dog roses ( or is it rock roses?) have shown their pretty white faces. Things must be looking up.
    I like your staging and can see how much easier it must make life.Now if only the plants get the message too and kick start themselves where you are.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you David ~ I think the plants are gradually returning to life and the rain, followed by some warmer air has certainly brightened their foliage. Trouble is the weeds will start sprouting too! The staging used to be display tables in a shop that recently shut down ~ they are really well made from solid wood and we snagged them for bargain prices, so I’m not worried a bout them being left outside to weather! (((Humungous Hugs)))

  2. I’m moving from my big house to a tiny flat, which has a large shared garden, but i am already thinking of introducing one large pot of dirt, so that at least i can grow a few flowers.

    1. Thank you, Sue, it’s working out really well and it’s great to see life flourishing in my courtyard aftermath being able to grow much over the past couple of years! 🙂

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