5 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: Be gentle

  1. Wise words indeed!
    Thanks for leaving a message on Becca’s NT post, Jacqueline. I’m a tad curious – I don’t have Google+ either and my blog is set up to allow anyone to comment… Can I ask, are you using a phone/i-pad/laptop? I know Blogger isn’t compatible with all platforms 😦 But I just can’t get on with WordPress – I find it very confusing, and I’ve always got on with Blogger.
    Lovely to meet you, and I hope to ‘see’you next Thursday 🙂

    • I think I’ve got to the bottom of the problem Claire ~ I have WP on two different iPads but I usually only use one. Yesterday I logged on to the other and today I’ve been asked to sign every time I make or answer a comment. I think the system thinks I’m a hacker! Strangely I didn’t get along with Blogger and changed mine over some years back! Now I wonder if you’ll receive this?? 😱

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