Crafty Bees 8th June 2015

At our last group meeting I learned about two new crafts. New to me anyway ~ one of them has been practised for centuries and the other makes use of vintage materials. 

Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese technique which historically produced functional and decorative braiding to lace the armour of Samurai Warriors and their horses. It is also used to tie haori  jackets and kimono sashes. There are many patterns, which can incorporate beading ~ some of which use up to thirty~two strands of thread or ribbon. 

Kerry (right) and I learned the basics (from Jan, who preferred not to be photographed) using just seven different coloured lengths of yarn:  With the empty slot at the top, take the third strand from the left and tuck it into the gap. Then turn the template clockwise until the empty slot is at the top…..and so on…..

 …..and this is how it comes out. Magic! 😉 

After she’d finished the möbius scarf she was crocheting in my last Crafty Bees post, Emma turned her hand to Book Folding Art: 
It looks extremely complicated but ~ although she’d never attempted it before ~ she explained that this project only took her two nights from start to finish. The result is truly impressive ~ a personalised, hand~crafted greeting card and gift all in one. The following evening she produced another, this time for Father’s Day. 

The most difficult part, Emma told us, was sourcing old hard~backed books with the right number of pages (which vary according to the length and number of words used.) A variety of patterns are downloadable from the Internet ~ a member actually ordered one on her touchscreen tablet (courtesy of the Living Room’s free wifi connection) while we were all admiring Emma’s awesome creations! 

Although it’s only been running for a short while, Crafty Bees is a lively and creative group ~ as you can see. I’m already looking forward to our next session and wondering what unusual and exciting projects I’ll be able to showcase next time!  


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