Crafty Bees 22nd June 2015, part 1

Once again the meeting on Monday evening was a hive of industry ~ members chatting, sharing ideas and planning a future publicity event as they worked on their projects. 

There are so many diverse creations in progress that it will take a couple of posts to do them all justice. So without further ado and in no particular order, here we go:


Catherine often entertains us with anecdotes about her large family and their tradition of presenting hand~made gifts to one another. In addition to Christmas and birthdays, there’s always something to celebrate ~ she’s attending no less than eight weddings this year! In these photos she’s hand~binding a quilt for a cousin’s baby, due in August. Although she usually opts for more traditional patchwork quilting, this machine~stitched pattern, with it’s fluffy clouds and colourful bunting, is adorable ~ I’m sure Catherine’s hard work will be appreciated! 🙂



This is Liz with her beautiful embroidery. She’s been making this table~cloth for about ten years and says she joined Crafty Bees to motivate her to finish it ~ as she only works on it once a fortnight, that may still take some time! She has napkins to go with it but they’re much smaller and more transportable, so she carries them in her bag and stitches a petal or two whenever she has a spare moment ~ like when she’s waiting her turn at the dentist. I’m so nervous I can barely flick through celeb magazines, never mind attempting  delicate needlework but  that is the example she gave. It takes all sorts, I guess! 😉

Last but most definitely not least, is the lovely Charlie, without whom Crafty Bees would not be half as much fun! She welcomes us with her winning smile and nothing is too much trouble. She explained that, while the building belongs to the Baptist Church next door, the cafe is a joint initiative with other faith organisations in the town. Intended as a community facility they are happy to accommodate us and ‘share the love’! 

The Living Room is an ideal venue for our club, with it’s comfy sofas, tables on which we can spread our work and excellent lighting, (not to mention yummy homemade~made cake and free refills on hot drinks,) so we’re very fortunate that Charlie is prepared to open out~of~normal~hours especially for us. 

Well, as Porky Pig would say, ‘That’s All Folks!’ 

For now anyway ~ I’m off the the Isle of Wight County Show to spread the word about Crafty Bees in the ‘Craft in the Community’ tent. But I’ll come back and tell you more about our vibrant and creative group another time! 



6 thoughts on “Crafty Bees 22nd June 2015, part 1

  1. Looks like a lovely place to spend some time Jacqueline. It’s a shame such crafts are dying out a bit now as sometimes you can’t beat something made from the heart.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. I really do think there’s a regeneration afoot in the whole craft movement, David ~ maybe fuelled by the recession? There are other benefits to meeting in a group as well ~ I’ll write about those soon! Thanks for the tweets and your unflagging interest. (((Massive Hugs))) to you x

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