Crafty Bees Monday June 22nd ~ part 2

Two members of our group are called Dawn. In an earlier ‘Crafty Bees’ blog I posted a photo of the lace that one had made to edge a blouse, this week she was weaving a bathroom mat on a peg loom:


As the loom is narrow enough to hold on her lap, Dawn is planning to join two strips together to achieve the right width ~ I wonder whether she’ll match the vibrant stripes, or work them in a different pattern? I do hope she brings it along next time, so that we can admire the completed project. 😊 

The other Dawn is making these gorgeous cuddly toys to send to the charity organisation Knit for Peace:

 Items donated by knitters are distributed ‘to over 80 outlets, including hospitals, women’s refuges, refugee drop in centres, prisons, community groups, and hospices as well as to developing countries.’ I was really interested when she told me about this co~operative ~ the website explains their ethos and initiatives more fully, with patterns and details about how anyone who’s interested can contribute. In the background of the picture Dawn (the weaver) is chatting to Hazel…..

…….who is concentrating on the cute dolls house furniture she’s sewing. 

Hazel has three young children and co~authors the website Pound Shop Play with her husband, in which they share inexpensive/totally free ideas for sensory and messy play. She gets really excited when Charlie has bags of used packing peanuts to give away ~ there are so many fun, educational ways in which her children can re~use them. 

I still have more to ‘show and tell’ so I’ll close with a little teaser: what are these mystery objects and how are they connected to the National Farmers Union? 


All will be revealed next time………


10 thoughts on “Crafty Bees Monday June 22nd ~ part 2

  1. The “Crafty Bees” really are crafty, resourceful and talented! I love the idea of gathering and sharing conversation while making progress on special projects. I see that David guessed bull tethers, and I was going to say they were some kind of leash, so we both see the same general thing. I’ll be very curious to learn what they are. πŸ™‚

  2. The mystery objects remind me of lantern key chains I use to make when I was younger! πŸ˜€ I love how your group gathers together — each working on their own genre of crafting! ❀

    1. There are so many benefits to meeting in this group, Becca ~ not just to share crafting ideas but life experience and support through challenges as well. I asked about the lantern key chains but no~one knew what they were ~ one member had made straightforward ones and another wondered if the ones you mention come out twisted into a small spiral? See, you’re shRing in our group now, too! πŸ™‚

      1. The lantern key chains turn out square if you look at them from top; they could be any length desired. The comradery is a treasure to appreciate; the natural tendency of support priceless.

        Sooooooo, what is the mystery object? πŸ˜€

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