(Not Quite) First Post 

Ten days ago I was tagged in the ‘First Post’ challenge by ladyleemanila.

The rules of the challenge are:

Copy-paste, link, pingback or whatever, your first post.

– State what type of post it was (e.g. introduction, story, poem).

– Explain why that was your first post.

– Nominate five other bloggers.

My first ever post was on ‘Wightrabbit’s Blog’ on 23rd August 2010. It set out my commitment to what I hoped would be a creative semi~retirement for myself and husband Martin. But real life often derails the best laid plans and ~ although some of my objectives have come to pass, others have either fallen by the wayside or morphed into more achievable aims. Basically I’m still practising my passions ~ writing, crochet and artwork ~ but I haven’t turned any of them into a business. Which actually works better for me ~ I’ve discovered that I’m not that way inclined and I enjoy them so much more without the pressure. 

I started ‘Tao of Scrumble’ on Blogspot ~ intending to keep the two blogs separate. But, when I couldn’t access that site and all my work disappeared, I opened up this one on WP. In my first post I simply directed anyone who wished to learn more about scrumbling to Wightrabbit’s Blog, where I’d previously written about it.

It’s all too messy and confusing. 

So, I’ve taken liberties with the conditions of the challenge and have copied and pasted my second ‘Tao’ post, which explains the ‘Scrumble’ of the title:

I’m all fired up with enthusiasm. So excited about the possibilities I’ve tapped into that I don’t know where to start. My heart is pounding, my brain racing – and not simply because I’ve just finished my second (huge) mug of coffee.
It’s all down to ‘scrumbling’ – a word I found in a book on crochet. Not very rock and roll, I agree, but that single word has given me creative licence.

‘Scrumbling’ is freeform crochet (and knitting – but that doesn’t ‘grow’ quickly enough for me). There are no restricting rules to observe, no patterns to adhere to. Experimenting with conventional techniques, you simply follow your instincts and see what happens. And – judging from the illustrations in my book and further research online – the results can be stunning; the process liberating.

Thinking about it (and I have been, almost constantly since I discovered it), the concept of scrumbling could be applied to almost every area of life – relationships; childcare; cooking; interior decoration; landscape gardening; obtaining qualifications; building a career….. (and blogging!)

I’ve always felt that – by not doing things the way they are ‘meant’ to be done – I was a failure.

Now I can happily describe myself as a ‘scrumbler’, my mantra being ‘You’re supposed to…but…’.

If only I’d known sooner that this is, in fact, an art form.’

Whew! Fascinating though it was, that trip down memory lane became rather complicated and now I’m too exhausted to nominate anyone else for this challenge. But if any of my blog buddies would like to join in, please feel free to follow the rules above. 

Not that I have ~ but then, as I said, my whole life’s a Scrumble! 


5 thoughts on “(Not Quite) First Post 

  1. Well i never knew what scrumbling meant but i have been thinking of having a go at it myself, being a seasoned knitter, i thought it was time i had a go at inventing something and so i shall, when i get to the end of the list of things i need to knit 🙂

    1. Oops, try again! I find it frustrating having to finish of my UFO’s Beverly, when there are so many new ideas for new projects crowding my mind! Maybe you could post some of your completed work ~ that would be great (sorry if you have already done that and I’ve missed it ~ I’m constantly chasing my tail at the moment, for some reason! ) 😖

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