Requiem for The Arctic

Oil company Shell are in the Arctic right now, waiting for the go~ahead to start drilling into the sea floor, risking irreparable damage to our fragile ecosystem and potentially catastrophic oil spillage.

Meanwhile a group of musicians are protesting against these unscrupulous plans in a brilliantly creative way!  Inspired by the string quartet who continued to play as RMS Titanic sank, they are performing the beautifully haunting piece, Requiem For The Artctic over and over, all day, every day for a month, outside Shell’s London HQ. 

This is the longest single protest that Shell has ever faced and the environmental organisation Greenpeace has made it really easy for anyone to add their voice and swell the music. 

So far this morning I have signed the protest; shared details of it on Social Media, written a polite comment on Shell’s Facebook page, asking them to stop and set up a Soundcloud account so that I can listen to the four movements of the Requiem, whilst composing this blogpost. (I’ll have to investigate that more fully and find out how to stop it later!) If I could play a musical instrument, I’d seriously consider travelling to the Capital to join in. 

If you haven’t already done so, please join me ~ and over seven million others by contributing to this peaceful and dignified protest against the destruction of our beautiful planet, before Shell gets the green light and it’s too late! 

Thank you. 


Requiem For The Arctic

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