Nurturing Thursday 87

When I updated my Facebook profile picture, earlier this week, I received a ton of ‘likes’ and quite a few comments on how well (and how young!) I am looking:


Thank you! ☺️

Which is ironic because I’ve been suffering from a flare~up of my chronic conditions and spent most of October in pain. This explains why I haven’t blogged for ages and why this post will be brief. 

Having been informed by two doctors that there are no conventional treatments or cures for my ailments, I’ve been following some alternative healing modalities ~ which are beginning to take effect: ice~packs; Epsom salt baths, golden turmeric paste and tart cherry juice for inflammation; a Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) routine which I practice every morning to loosen me up and daily dog walks, which keep both Indie and I mobile. Well she is older than I am, in dog years, and there are days when she clearly feels her age too ~ even though it doesn’t show!


Bless her! ☺️

I am feeling much better than I was and hopefully that will continue to improve. I’d like to be well enough to enjoy my arts and crafts and write more blogposts ~ so I’ll continue to nurture myself (and the pooch) in every way that I can! 😃

Nurturing Thursday is hosted by Becca Givens, author of the inspiring blog ‘On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea.’ To read more about it, or to find out how you can join in, please visit On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea.

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16 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday 87

  1. Brilliant smile Jacqueline and it was only through the alternatives that I found relief and healing.. Qi Gong and Acupuncture worked for me.. and altering diet just like you..
    Wishing you well.. Keep on Nurturing yourself.. Love Sue xx

    1. Thank you, Sue ~ I’m so pleased that my faith in alternative methods is shared by others and that they work well ~ my GP is trained in Chinese medicine and has given me acupuncture treatment in the past, which was a pleasant surprise! 🙂

      1. Wow, you do not hear of that very often. But so pleased that is the case.. Sending you love and well wishes Jacqueline.. enjoy a Peaceful weekend and hope the storm has not been too disruptive where you are?

      2. Thank you Sue ~ it was a good weekend and we managed to get a little gardening done, with Martin helping me with the heavy lifting/digging/moving pots etc. We didn’t suffer any storm damage ~ but the internet went down again. It comes off the mobile phone masts and coverage is lamentably poor on the island. No phone or telephone either so we are completely cut off when that happens!! It’s rather peaceful!! ☺️😉

  2. Great photo, Jacqueline, and post. I take evening primrose oil, and multivitamins, with turmeric either on cereal or in a smoothie. Keeping mobile is essential as well. Hope you continue to keep feeling better. xx

    1. Thank you, Sue ~ I did try cod liver oil and glucosamine capsules but I don’t think they agreed with me. I might try Evening Primrose ~ you’ve reminded me that my mother used to swear by it and she had the same conditions as I do. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather Jacqueline. I hope the alternative treatments are working.It’s a shame our doctors aren’t taught about complementary medicine to work alongside or in place of conventional stuff.I’d so like to be pushing less chemicals down my own throat.I must find myself another copy of Culpepper’s herbal books.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you, David, I’m feeling better each day. I’ve also been studying some Chinese Healing techniques ~ all about elements and acupressure points and the organs and functions to which they relate ~ but progress with that is slower than it is with the qigong exercises. I haven’t really delved into herbalism, although I do know about the uses of some common and garden herbs, like mint, oregano, rosemary etc. Not sure where I’d get Viper’s Bugloss though! (Just being clever ~ just googled Culpepper and it was the first thing I read! 😜) (((Massive Hugs))) and lots of love tto you! 😊

  4. I’ve started to feel my age Jacqueline and have days where different parts hurt so I have an inkling of how it must be to have constant pain. I hope you continue to improve. Is it harder in winter?

    1. Thanks Gilly ~ the cold weather and rain does seem to make it worse, although medical research insists that there’s no scientific evidence to support that. Really hot weather can affect me very badly too ~ which is why we haven’t travelled for a few years now. Good job we live in a beautiful place where every day is a holiday! 🙂

  5. I’m really sorry to hear that October has been so difficult for you Jacqueline. I admire that you’re taking your health very seriously and recognizing that perhaps you can do more than traditional medicine has to offer. I have been very impressed with the work the Dr. Andrew Weil writes about in one of his older books, “Spontaneous Healing.” If you haven’t read it, I think you’d find some excellent support for the measures you’re already taking and perhaps finding a few more. I hope you continue to improve and find it possible to get back to the creative arts you so enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Debra ~ somehow I missed this earlier. I do appreciate the information on Dr Andrew Weil ~ I’ve never read any of his work but I will look it up. I’m learning that I can’t be complacent about my exercises and alternative healing methods ~ I have to practice every day or risk suffering a relapse. So any additional advice to keep me on good form is very welcome and I’m going to Google him right now! 🙂

  6. Jacqueline — you and Indie look wonderful … I might suggest, if you are not already familiar with it … Golden Paste which is made from turmeric (the spice) … it has done wonders for humans and animal companions. My husband and I plus my kiddos are on it. We’ve found it has done wonders!! I can send you the link if you are interested — just let me know!! ❤

      1. Haha, Becca ~ I do know what you mean! Underneath it all I actually do feel great! The golden paste is working ~ my injuries and ailments are definitely improving since I started using it in earnest! 😊

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