Sitting Comfortably

I haven’t had a ‘proper’ computer connected to the internet for about four years ~ ever since wifi technology rendered my old, wind~up one obsolete. So I’ve been publishing my blogposts through ‘WordPress for iPad’ ~ a challenge which I quite enjoyed…… in the beginning.

But bending my head to type on a touchscreen keyboard for more than twenty minutes has become uncomfortable and frustrating ~ so much so that I’ve been less inspired to write, more inclined not to bother. Which didn’t seem to matter when I wasn’t too well but I do miss it. I’ve expressed myself in writing ever since I learned how to and I’d like to reclaim this important part of ‘me.’

Martin believes that it’s the things you don’t buy (or do) that you regret, so last weekend I took advantage of a discount offer in the computer store and treated myself to a new lap~top.

These things are never as simple to set up as the tech~savvy young salesmen would have you believe. Our internet service went down for nearly 24 hours, just as the machine had started installing an upgrade to the operating system. Which wasn’t too useful. It was like being a kid on Christmas morning, when Santa delivers the toys you were hoping for…… but no batteries…….and there aren’t any lying around the house…….not even a couple you can borrow from some other appliance…….and all the shops are closed until tomorrow. You’ve received exactly what you asked for but you just have to sit looking at it, waiting until Boxing Day before you can actually play with it.

As you can see my box of electronic tricks has now been activated and I’ve logged straight on to WordPress to test drive the full~sized programme. Typing is a joy ~ the keyboard makes satisfying ‘clicks’ and I don’t have to hunch over it, like I tend to on the iPad ~ accidentally tapping wrong letters on tiny~screen keys and sending auto~correct (and myself) into meltdown.

Talking of which…….I’ve just accidentally published this test post. Eek!

unused to the different page layout, I pressed the wrong button and shared my random ramblings with the world before I was ready. Ah, well ~ I’m sure I’ll get more competent, with practice. That minor mishap aside, this new arrangement seems to be working well for me ~ after a couple of hours typing, I feel fine.

And I’m hopeful inspiration will begin to flow freely once more, now that I amΒ sitting comfortably

Β πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Sitting Comfortably

    1. Thank you so much Gilly ~ for calling me a writer and reminding me that I love to write. I’m easing myself back into it, getting used to my new equipment…..and seeking inspiration for more regular posts.:)

  1. Welcome back to writing in comfort and ease! Yep…my laptop is still a tool for me and your experience reinforces it. Big hug to you, Jacqueline. Feels like I’ve known you for YEARS. And I KNOW I’d tell you any secret over tea. πŸ˜€

    1. Oh wouldn’t that be just wonderful, Amy ~ to share confidences over a cup of something warm and nourishing? It has been a long time since the ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ days and a lot of what was predicted has come to pass ~ but we’re still hanging in there, with our rebellious natures and our senses of humour! Sending love and seasonal blessings to you, my dear and lovely friend! πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely to have you back again Jacqueline.You’re not on your own with pressing publish instead of save, I did the same thin last week and had a 6 day post followed by an 8 day one.
    I can’t cope with a laptop and prefer my trusty (?) old desktop where I can tap away all day.
    Welcome Home.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one blundering about on the keyboard, David! I can’t seem to get comfortable at a desktop ~ I have tried using Martin’s but everything is slightly blurred, however much I adjust my seating and the angle of the screen. So it’s the laptop for me from now on ~ though it is taking me a little while to get into the swing of writing regular posts, I am actually enjoying the process once more, so there is hope that I’ll be on top form in the coming year! (((Enormous Hugs))) to you too, my friend. πŸ™‚

  3. I served as a family search church service missionary and while helping to train others how to get their computers and the programs on them to work, I also became more computer savvy and less scared :)Enjoy your new toy!

    1. Thank you, Beverly ~ I used several different computer systems over my working life, and have had a couple of different models myself, over the past 20 years. But recently I’ve relied on touch~screen tablets and my phone ~ I didn’t realise these were disrupting my posture and, exacerbating my pain until I sat for a couple of hours at my new laptop and didn’t suffer afterwards. Your last sentence has given me pause for thought, though. The morning after I’d purchased it, I was regretting the impulse ~ never mind the fact that it is better for my health. I have to question why I don’t get as much pleasure in treating myself as I do when buying someone else a gift? 😏 I have to somehow justify it and defend my decision to myself ~ whereas Martin believes we should have the things that make our lives easier, as long as we can afford it. So thanks for that, too! 😘

      1. Awe bless you. I have had to learn the same lesson myself. After struggling financially for years to bring up my children, I was finally going to have enough money to do something for myself, but then my health failed and the extra money was gone. Yet I find little ways to bless myself and you shouldn’t feel guilty when you bless yourself either.

    1. Thank you, Sue ~ I am gradually getting back into all my old passions. I’ve been spending more time on my art this last week or two but I must learn to balance out my time a bit better! It’s great to read your lovely, happy posts again, too! πŸ™‚

  4. How wonderful you treated yourself.. I hope that you internet connections stay more active for you in the future Jacqueline.. And I am so pleased I caught your post today in my updates and I have enjoyed reading your back posts.. πŸ™‚

    Have a beautiful weekend and Holdiays.. Love and Blessings my friend.. Sue xx

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