The Return of Kaboodle Doodle ~ Number 5: My Valentine

Way back in 2014 The Artist and I converted a derelict outbuilding into an art studio, intending to share the space. But as soon as I started to gather up my extensive collection of recycled and found materials ~ squirrelled away in dark corners of the attic, beneath the spare bed and at the back of the cupboard under the stairs ~ it became obvious that it would be just large enough for one. So it became my Kaboodle.

Whilst I was busy moving my ‘stuff’ in, Martin painted the master bedroom deep blue and claimed it as his ‘man~cave’. Which works well ~ we now sleep in the quieter room at the back of the house, his trusty iMac remains indoors, where he can easily fire it up and I can make as much mess as I like without having to clear it away!

At the time I began to publish a series of blogs called ‘Kaboodle Doodles’, documenting  ~ for myself as much as anyone ~ the process of learning to work in mixed and unusual media. Scrolling back I can see that I only managed four posts, before other priorities claimed my attention ~ but that doesn’t mean that I gave up experimenting. Because that’s what this is ~ a challenging, exciting, liberating experiment in expressing something I know but can’t seem to put into words.

Finally the hours of sketching, researching and ‘trying’ to get it ‘right’, of dumping failures in the bin and starting anew seem to be paying off. Whilst the pictures and 3D objects I’m designing aren’t conventional works of art, they are literally ‘Works in Progress’, which satisfy me in all sorts of ways. And, as The Artist himself keeps reminding me, that’s all they have to do.

So, without further preamble and sixteen months after it’s predecessor, may I humbly present:

Kaboodle Doodle Number 5 

Heart My Valentine 

The content of this simple composition, with it’s traditional message of Peace and Love, is secondary to my original purpose ~ to discover whether I could create an ornate frame out of a pound shop chocolate box. Having said that, the papier~mache heart is also the basis for a more intricate design that is taking shape in my mind ~ luckily (but not surprisingly) I made several at the same time! As I said, ‘Work in Progress.’

It proved tricky to photograph, owing to reflections from the metallic finishes and shadows cast by the deep edges of the frame. So  a big ‘thank you’ to Martin for taking the time to make this image the best that it can be and for encouraging me to keep going.

He’s My Valentine!







12 thoughts on “The Return of Kaboodle Doodle ~ Number 5: My Valentine

    1. Thank you Gilly. I can’t bear to discard good strong packaging until I’ve explored all the options for re~using it, so the frame and base of this picture is an altered, empty (of course!) chocolate box. Your question has given me an idea for a future blogpost ~ so thanks for that too! 🙂

  1. Awe. I love it so much. I have much respect to for this process. Wow. Inspiring. ♡
    I have been quiet, but saw,a nurturing Thursday link and followed it here. Blessings!
    Always! ♡ Laurie

    1. Hi Laurie ~ it’s great to hear from you! It seems as though many of us have been taking time out lately ~ I have been absent for a while and have been going through some important changes, now (I think) I’m ready to come out and ‘play’ again! Take care ❤

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