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‘Over every mountain there is a path, athough it may not always be seen from the valley.’ ~ Theodore Roethke

IMG_0260Watercolour and Wax Resist by Martin King

This painting ~ by my husband Martin ~ illustrates how I’ve been feeling about the current situation in the UK. Enough has been said and written about last Thursday’s EU referendum, so I’m not going to add to the confusion ~ I’ll let the picture speak for me!

The quote above it (shared on Facebook by Serendipity Corner) reminded me that there is usually a solution to the most challenging of situations, even if we aren’t able to see that at the time.

So I’m focusing on the welcoming light in the little cottage and trusting that we will be guided safely over the mountain of chaos facing our country right now. May you be guided on your path too!


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Sitting Comfortably

I haven’t had a ‘proper’ computer connected to the internet for about four years ~ ever since wifi technology rendered my old, wind~up one obsolete. So I’ve been publishing my blogposts through ‘WordPress for iPad’ ~ a challenge which I quite enjoyed…… in the beginning.

But bending my head to type on a touchscreen keyboard for more than twenty minutes has become uncomfortable and frustrating ~ so much so that I’ve been less inspired to write, more inclined not to bother. Which didn’t seem to matter when I wasn’t too well but I do miss it. I’ve expressed myself in writing ever since I learned how to and I’d like to reclaim this important part of ‘me.’

Martin believes that it’s the things you don’t buy (or do) that you regret, so last weekend I took advantage of a discount offer in the computer store and treated myself to a new lap~top.

These things are never as simple to set up as the tech~savvy young salesmen would have you believe. Our internet service went down for nearly 24 hours, just as the machine had started installing an upgrade to the operating system. Which wasn’t too useful. It was like being a kid on Christmas morning, when Santa delivers the toys you were hoping for…… but no batteries…….and there aren’t any lying around the house…….not even a couple you can borrow from some other appliance…….and all the shops are closed until tomorrow. You’ve received exactly what you asked for but you just have to sit looking at it, waiting until Boxing Day before you can actually play with it.

As you can see my box of electronic tricks has now been activated and I’ve logged straight on to WordPress to test drive the full~sized programme. Typing is a joy ~ the keyboard makes satisfying ‘clicks’ and I don’t have to hunch over it, like I tend to on the iPad ~ accidentally tapping wrong letters on tiny~screen keys and sending auto~correct (and myself) into meltdown.

Talking of which…….I’ve just accidentally published this test post. Eek!

unused to the different page layout, I pressed the wrong button and shared my random ramblings with the world before I was ready. Ah, well ~ I’m sure I’ll get more competent, with practice. That minor mishap aside, this new arrangement seems to be working well for me ~ after a couple of hours typing, I feel fine.

And I’m hopeful inspiration will begin to flow freely once more, now that I am sitting comfortably


Nurturing Thursday 86 ~Jumping back on the Peace Train….

I’m generally upbeat but recently I’ve allowed the unfolding craziness in the world to ‘get’ to me. So, when I came across this blogpost, Free Spirit Byron Bay (shared by Earthschool Harmony on Facebook) I just had to reblog it!

I don’t read newspapers or watch live TV ~ but it’s practically impossible to avoid the sensational and biased stories on which Social Media thrive. These sites are brilliant mechanisms for keeping in touch with distant family and friends so I’d rather keep my accounts open, although I’m going to self~regulate my activity on them for a while. The slew of chaotic messages can overwhelm my senses, unless I take time out to touch base with what’s really important to me.

So I’m heading out into my garden to reconnect with Mother Nature by tending my plants. Literally ‘digging in the dirt’ gives me a more balanced perspective!

So I’m looking forward to a perfectly Nurturing Thursday and I wish everyone else the same ~ however you choose to spend it!


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Earthschool Harmony

Todays confession:

Lately, I’ve been doing something I don’t usually do, something I know doesn’t feed my soul and, as expected, it has made me feel disconnected from spirit, weighed down and flat.

Yup, I’ve been watching/reading the news and getting caught up in media frenzy and negativity. It’s too easy to feel absolutely overwhelmed and unable to make a difference when such huge global issues are discussed on a moment to moment basis. And so, I took the day off. My two daughters and I drove up into the lush green hills, spread out blankets, threw down some scatter cushions and we ate, talked, read, laughed and connected with the vibrations of this beautiful planet. Soul food. Love.

It doesn’t mean I am burying my head in the sand by any means but, it does mean I have again realised I can’t carry the weight of the world on my shoulders or control the outcome…

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Nurturing Thursday 78

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Friday Blessings

Our Internet connection has been fragile for a while now and earlier this month it disappeared completely for over a week. Without access to the external world, I got out of the habit of blogging and have missed a couple of Nurturing Thursdays.

I know it’s a day late ~ but when I saw this beautiful poem and photo, posted by Gilly on her blog ‘Lucid Gypsy’ this morning I just had to pass it on immediately!

Now I’m off to observe the effects of the solar eclipse. Dense clouds above the Island might prevent us actually seeing this cosmic phenomena ~ but I can clearly remember the weird and wonderful atmosphere of the last one, in 1999.

Wishing everyone a magical weekend, filled with love and kindness. 🙂

Lucid Gypsy

kwan yin2 Share loving kindness
the balm of bodhisattva
most gentle Kwan Yin

I was inspired by Judith’s post this morning, to wish you peace and joy for the weekend.

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