NurturingThursday 99

‘Over every mountain there is a path, athough it may not always be seen from the valley.’ ~ Theodore Roethke

IMG_0260Watercolour and Wax Resist by Martin King

This painting ~ by my husband Martin ~ illustrates how I’ve been feeling about the current situation in the UK. Enough has been said and written about last Thursday’s EU referendum, so I’m not going to add to the confusion ~ I’ll let the picture speak for me!

The quote above it (shared on Facebook by Serendipity Corner) reminded me that there is usually a solution to the most challenging of situations, even if we aren’t able to see that at the time.

So I’m focusing on the welcoming light in the little cottage and trusting that we will be guided safely over the mountain of chaos facing our country right now. May you be guided on your path too!


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Nurturing Thursday 32

‘Connect with those who remind you who you are.’ ~ Ralph Smart

This delightful photograph, with the accompanying quote by Ralph Smart, was posted on Facebook yesterday, by ‘Earthschool harmony‘.

For me the last year has been particularly challenging and I’ve been dealing with several life~changing events, one on top of the other. Coping with the unusual stresses that 2013 threw across my path consumed my attention, diminishing my natural joie de vivre. For a while fear and uncertainty meant that I didn’t dare dream or plan.

Yet, even in the midst of the maelstrom, it felt like a clearing process and I’ve drawn heavily on past experience to make my way through. Now ~ older and wiser, with the future looking much brighter ~ I’m ready to reclaim my life.

So, when I spotted this uplifting post I had to share it ~ first on Facebook and now as my Nurturing Thursday contribution this week. Who could fail to be gladdened by the joy and exhilaration on the faces of these beautiful young girls?


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My Darling Daughter


This mischievous little pre~schooler is my daughter, Rachael. She’s 37 years old today, with twin boys as old as she was when this picture was taken.

I could go on about what a brilliant Mum she is and how she puts her heart and soul into everything she sets her mind to. About her loyalty and courage and the pragmatic way she handles life. About the challenges she sets herself, (this time last year I wrote about her skydive for charity.)) About her wicked sense of humour and her infectious laugh, her work with disadvantaged young people and the small business she runs, making bespoke silver print jewellery……about how proud of her I am and how much I love her.

But I’ve probably embarrassed her enough already, by publishing this old photograph! 😉

So I’ll just say:

Many Happy Returns, My Darling Daughter.

You deserve it! 🙂