Nurturing Thursday 98

I’ve been struggling to write a ‘Nurturing Thursday” post all day. After last week’s flying kick~start, I appear to have slowed right down so in the end I gave up and decided to visit some of the blogs that I follow and catch up with my cyber~buddies.

It’s been fun virtually reconnecting, having a laugh and sharing similar experiences. When I read Sue Dreamwalker’s post about taking time out to play with her imaginative granddaughter, I remembered how it feels to cuddle my own Amazing Grace:

Grace and I Grace and I at my daughter’s 40th birthday party on Saturday.

I may not be the worlds most consistent blogger and I may be frustrated by that ~ but when that little free spirit runs towards me calling, ‘Amma!’ (her name for me) none of that matters, except for the love flowing freely between us and nurturing us both!


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